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Greenway Pavement Markings

Capital Area Greenway System

In an effort to improve safety on the Capital Area Greenway System, the City of Raleigh’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department will begin applying pavement markings on the Lake Johnson East Loop Trail, Walnut Creek Trail, Neuse River Trail, Crabtree Creek Trail, House Creek Trail, Reedy Creek Trail and the Shelley Lake Loop Trail. The goal of this effort is to increase awareness of trail users traveling in opposite directions, to regulate, warn and guide users; and to increase the number of users that stay to the right, allowing other users to pass on the left. Pavement markings will primarily consist of solid or dashed centerline striping as well as markings around bollards and text markings such as “Stop Ahead”.  The application of these markings will begin in June of 2022 and continue through early 2023. Application procedures will necessitate periodic, short-term closures; however, each closure is anticipated to occur for one day or less. This map shows trail corridors where pavement markings will be applied.

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Kris Nikfar, Planning and Design

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Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
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