Crabtree Creek Trail Structure 37 and Structure 88 Replacement Projects

The consultant project team, Alpha & Omega Group, are developing design and construction plans for the replacement of the following two timber bridge structures located on the Capital Area Greenway:

  • Bridge Structure 37 is an existing narrow, sharp-turning timber bridge attached to an existing sewer crossing over Mine Creek just upstream of the confluence with Crabtree Creek. This timber structure will be replaced with a 12-foot-wide prefabricated pedestrian structure;
  • Bridge Structure 88 is a 64-foot timber structure on the Little Rock Trail adjacent to Chavis Way just south of Lenoir Street in Southeast Downtown Raleigh. This timber structure will be replaced with a similar design that has a clear 10-foot deck width.


Project Details

Greenways and Trails
Alpha & Omega (Design, Flood Studies, Bidding Assistance and Construction Administration)


This phase is complete.


Bridge Structure 37: The City of Raleigh is reviewing a Flood Study and Conditional Letter of Map Revision. Once final approval of the flood study is complete, the consultant will begin to prepare the bridge replacement construction documents.

Bridge Structure 88: The consultant team is scheduled to begin the initial design of the bridge replacement project.


Phase details coming soon.


Phase details coming soon.


Every bridge structure has an anticipated lifespan or number of years it is expected to last prior to the need for replacement. Structure 37 is nearing the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced in the coming years. The purpose of this project is to develop a design for a replacement bridge. 


Date Activity
Summer 2020 Complete Design and Flood Studies
Fall 2020 Bid/Advertise for Construction
Spring 2021 Start Construction
Fall 2021 Estimated Construction Completion

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