Commerce Place


Commerce Place

Re-imagining an Underused Downtown Alley as a Place for People

What is Commerce Place? 

Commerce Place is a single, mid-block alley unique in the Warehouse District. It's mostly used for loading and unregulated vehicle parking. The City hopes to reimagine this with a more pedestrian-oriented lens. This could include the addition of "streeteries," public art, more pedestrian space and amenities, and other ideas. The project is being led by the City’s Urban Projects Group (UPG) in collaboration with several other departments.

Project Details

City Properties and Facilities
Date Range:
Project Lead:
Ken Bowers



Ken Bowers
Assistant Planning Director
Urban Projects Group

Lead Department:
Planning and Development



The City hosted a one-day event during First Friday on November 3rd. People were invited to attend to share their feedback on design preferences and ideas for the future streetscape. The purpose for the event was to engage with the community and generate interest in the project. Check out our video recapping the event below!

Commerce Place(making) First Friday event - November 3, 2023

In addition to the November 3 event, an online survey was launched in an effort to get as much feedback as possible. The results of both community engagement opportunities can be viewed in this engagement summary.

Currently, the Urban Projects Group is preparing to start the streetscape transition with the installation of temporary improvements by Summer 2024. This could include surface paint to show the division of pedestrian and vehicle zones. Also, movable planters, tables and chairs, and other small improvements.

This will give the City and community several years of using a lighter pilot design to generate interest in the area. It provides a test version on the street that we can learn from before investing in more sizeable improvements later on.

A new streetscape plan will be considered for the street. It will serve as a pedestrian-oriented model that can inspire similar changes in other areas across Raleigh.