Western and Southern TOD Mapping Criteria

Why are some properties included in the rezoning request and others omitted?

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Included Properties Omitted Properties

The Western and Southern TOD Mapping project applies the Transit Overlay District to properties along the Western and Southern Bus Rapid Transit routes. This page outlines why some properties were chosen to be included and others were omitted. The TOD rezoning process was complete in July and August of 2022. Please visit the Western and Southern Transit Overlay District (TOD) Mapping webpage for more details.

Goal: Encourage development that supports transit by applying the TOD overlay on mixed-use areas and large properties within ¼ mile of the Western and Southern Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes. Avoid existing neighborhoods where redevelopment is unlikely and the TOD requirements would not be compatible with existing development.

Included Properties

The TOD encourages mixed use development that is less oriented around car travel and friendlier to people walking and biking. It also supports higher density development around transit stations. Some properties are better suited to the TOD goals or to new development in general. It is those areas where the TOD will be proposed. The proposed TOD rezoning will includes:

  • Properties that have Mixed Use or Industrial zoning. (Mixed Use or Industrial Zoning)
  • Properties with residential zoning that are adjacent to the corridor and larger than one-half acre. Properties that are less than a half-acre in size are less likely to develop in a way that supports transit. Those smaller parcels were left out. (Corridor Adjacent & Over Half Acre)
  • Properties that are zoned Residential but designated for higher intensities on Raleigh’s Future Land Use Map (FLUM) and are larger than one acre. Higher intensity means Mixed Use designations as well as Medium Density Residential and High Density Residential. Properties in this category that are less than one acre in size are less likely to develop with the type of housing that supports transit and are not included in this rezoning. (Intense FLUM & Over One Acre)
  • Properties zoned R-10 that are developed with apartments (or in common ownership with an existing apartment development). If these properties redevelop, they are most likely to be developed at the same or higher density. (R-10, Apartments)
  • City of Raleigh property that is undeveloped (not including parks and greenways). (Undeveloped City Property)

Omitted Properties

In some cases, the current use, location, or ownership of a property could create conflicts with the TOD requirements or goals. These properties were left out of this proposal. Properties with the following characteristics were left out, even if they met the criteria above:

  • Properties that have Conservation Management, Planned Development, or Downtown Mixed Use zoning.
  • Properties that are a cemetery, park, or greenway.
  • Properties that contain a school (K-12 and higher education).
  • Properties that are owned by the State of North Carolina.
  • Properties that contain a rail line, and areas cut off by a rail line or other limited access route such that walking distance would be greater than ¼ mile from the BRT corridor.
  • Properties that are a Raleigh Historic Landmark, or are within a National Register District, Historic Overlay District, or Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District.
  • Properties that create an “island” of TOD that is not connected to the BRT route or an area adjacent to a BRT route.
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