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Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
RCMP-0003-2022 The Lakes Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0005-2022 Carmen Ct UR Bacon
RCMP-0012-2022 Globe Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0018-2022 Pikes Peak Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0020-2022 Blackard Pond Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0022-2022 4716 G St UR Bacon
RCMP-0030-2022 FireFox Pl UR Goodson
RCMP-0031-2022 Fawn Lake Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0038-2022 Jones Sausage Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0043-2022 Northside Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0045-2022 Sawyer Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0049-2022 Sunnybrook Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0052-2022 Grand Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0055-2022 S Person St UR Bacon
RCMP-0058-2022 Roundrock Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0060-2022 Midtown Market Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0065-2022 Jones Sausage Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0070-2022 Mt Herman Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0074-2022 Hacksaw Trl UR Bacon
RCMP-0079-2022 Blue Run Lane UR Goodson
RCMP-0081-2022 Oberlin Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0083-2022 Harvey St UR Bacon
RCMP-0085-2022 Athens Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0090-2022 Cameron St UR Bacon
RCMP-0091-2022 Globe Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0092-2022 Glenwood Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0095-2022 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd UR Bacon
RCMP-0100-2022 Louisburg Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0103-2022 Durant Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0106-2022 Courtland Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0110-2022 Destiny Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0111-2022 Atlantic Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0112-2022 Barefoot Industrial Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0115-2022 Parkville Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0117-2022 Banbury Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0118-2022 Powell Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0119-2022 S Bloodworth St UR Bacon
RCMP-0120-2022 New Bern Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0121-2022 Macon Pond Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0123-2022 3049 Eden Harbor Ct UR Bacon
RCMP-0124-2022 Skycrest Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0126-2022 Crusader Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0127-2022 S Bridgewater Ct UR Bacon
RCMP-0128-2022 Warehouse Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0131-2022 Evergreen Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0132-2022 Maynard Pl UR Bacon
RCMP-0133-2022 Devere Ct UR Goodson
RCMP-0134-2022 Strickland Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0136-2022 Six Forks Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0141-2022 E Millbrook Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0143-2022 Triangle Town Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0144-2022 Rock Quarry Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0146-2022 S Saunders UR Bacon
RCMP-0150-2022 Buffaloe Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0151-2022 Malta Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0154-2022 Phoenix Pl UR Goodson
RCMP-0155-2022 Phoenix Pl UR Goodson
RCMP-0156-2022 E Edenton St UR Bacon
RCMP-0158-2022 W Franklin St UR Goodson
RCMP-0160-2022 Maynard Pl UR Bacon
RCMP-0162-2022 Bournemouth Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0164-2022 Everett Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0167-2022 S New Hope Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0168-2022 Sumner Blvd UR Bacon
RCMP-0169-2022 Audubon Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0170-2022 Pleasant Grove Church Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0171-2022 Stillwater Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0174-2022 Rock Quarry Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0175-2022 Reedy Creek Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0176-2022 Ivy Ln UR Bacon
RCMP-0177-2022 ACC Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0178-2022 Gresham Lake Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0179-2022 Arrow Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0180-2022 Wilcox St UR Goodson
RCMP-0181-2022 Bent Pine Pl UR Bacon
RCMP-0183-2022 ACC Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0184-2022 Donnelly Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0185-2022 Brooks Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0186-2022 Chapel Hill Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0187-2022 Tryon Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0188-2022 Ajinomoto Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0189-2022 C St UR Goodson
RCMP-0190-2022 Marilyn Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0191-2022 Chapanoke Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0192-2022 Pecks Pl UR Bacon
RCMP-0193-2022 Johnsdale Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0194-2022 501 S Bloodworth St UR Goodson
RCMP-0195-2022 Falls Of Neuse Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0196-2022 W Morgan St UR Goodson
RCMP-0197-2022 N West St UR Goodson
RCMP-0198-2022 Bouree Cir UR Goodson
RCMP-0199-2022 Fox Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0200-2022 Trademark Dr   Bacon
RCMP-0201-2022 St Marys St UR Goodson
RCMP-0202-2022 Marion Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0203-2022 Grove Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0204-2022 Blue Ridge Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0205-2022 Gannett St UR Goodson
RCMP-0206-2022 E Lake Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0207-2022 S Sanders St UR Goodson
RCMP-0208-2022 Rose Ln UR Goodson
RCMP-0209-2022 Sadie Hopkins St UR Bacon
RCMP-0210-2022 Pleasant Grove Church Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0211-2022 Hillsborough St UR Goodson
RCMP-0212-2022 Carolina Pines Ave UR Bacon
RCMP-0213-2022 Semart Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0214-2022 S Dawson St UR Goodson
RCMP-0215-2022 Virtuous St UR Bacon
RCMP-0216-2022 Georgian Ter UR Bacon
RCMP-0217-2022 Pine Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0220-2022 Kasota Ln UR Goodson


Case Number Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
RCMP-0009-2021 St Albans Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0010-2021 Capital Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0016-2021 Stells Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0025-2021 Kasota Lane UR Ward
RCMP-0026-2021 Halifax St UR Goodson
RCMP-0030-2021 Auburn Church Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0033-2021 Edwards Mill Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0034-2021 White Pine Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0038-2021 Foxfire Pl UR Goodson
RCMP-0039-2021 Dixie Trl UR Goodson
RCMP-0044-2021 S Saunders St UR Ward
RCMP-0047-2021 St Albans Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0050-2021 W Morgan St UR Goodson
RCMP-0052-2021 Belvin Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0054-2021 Landmark Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0057-2021 Summit Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0058-2021 St Albans Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0064-2021 Cyanne Cir UR Goodson
RCMP-0066-2021 Prince Dr UR Ward
RCMP-0070-2021 Cook Ridge Ct UR Bacon
RCMP-0073-2021 Lakestone Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0078-2021 Hodges St UR Bacon
RCMP-0099-2021 Williamson Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0100-2021 S Bloodworth St UR Bacon
RCMP-0102-2021 Strickland Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0120-2021 Montclair Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0129-2021 Pine Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0143-2021 Wade Av UR Bacon
RCMP-0147-2021 North Hills Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0154-2021 Oberry St UR Goodson
RCMP-0155-2021 New Bern Ave UR Ward
RCMP-0161-2021 New Bern Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0164-2021 Perry Creek Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0167-2021 Louisburg Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0169-2021 New Bern Av UR Goodson
RCMP-0172- 2021 Lake Wheeler Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0177-2021 Turner St UR Goodson
RCMP-0178-2021 Oxford Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0179-2021 E Lake Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0185-2021 Hampton Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0189-2021 Crescent Square St UR Goodson
RCMP-0192-2021 Olympia Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0210-2021 Hunting Ridge Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0213-2021 Glenwood Av UR Goodson
RCMP-0219-2021 Glenwood Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0227-2021 Harvey St UR Bacon
RCMP-0236-2021 OKelly St UR Goodson
RCMP-0241-2021 Grove Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0249-2021 Marshall St UR Goodson
RCMP-0253-2021 Buffaloe Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0254-2021 Dixie Trl UR Gladwin
RCMP-0261-2021 Henderson St UR Bacon
RCMP-0277-2021 Edenburgh Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0279-2021 Leesville Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0280-2021 Tyron Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0281-2021 Oberlin Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0290-2021 Seneca Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0291-2021 S New Hope Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0298-2021 Turnbridge Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0300-2021 Randolph Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0304-2021 Grove Barton Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0305-2021 Butler Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0307-2021 Churchill Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0308-2021 Hillsborough St UR Goodson
RCMP-0312-2021 Hillsborough St UR Goodson
RCMP-0316-2021 Brookside Dr UR Bacon
RCMP-0317-2021 Dixie Trl  UR Goodson
RCMP-0318-2021 W Peace St UR Goodson
RCMP-0322-2021 Banbury Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0329-2021 Gresham Lake Rd UR Bacon
RCMP-0330-2021 1950 New Bern Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0332-2021 Churchill Rd UR Goodson


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
RCMP-0001-2020 S Blount St UR Ward
RCMP-0004-2020 Shadybrook Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0006-2020 Capital Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0007-2020 Byrd St UR Ward
RCMP-0011-2020 Old Lead Mine Rd UR Ward
RCMP-0018-2020 Chapel Hill Rd UR Ward
RCMP-0020-2020 Mayview Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0025-2020 Gabriels Bend Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0034-2020 Brookhaven Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0038-2020 Marlowe Rd UR Ward
RCMP-0044-2020 Catalano Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0048-2020 Doran Pl UR Gladwin
RCMP-0051-2020 S Pettigrew St UR Goodson
RCMP-0055-2020 S McDowell St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0059-2020 E South St UR Goodson
RCMP-0062-2020 S Person St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0064-2020 Hillsborough St UR Goodson
RCMP-0070-2020 Glenwood Ave UR Gladwin
RCMP-0071-2020 Valley Brook Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0079-2020 Sherrybrook Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0089-2020 E North St UR Goodson
RCMP-0091-2020 Summit Ave UR Gladwin
RCMP-0092-2020 Morrison Ave UR Gladwin
RCMP-0101-2020 Heck St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0103-2020 Bragg St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0109-2020 Pershing Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0115-2020 Forest Point Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0123-2020 Sellona St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0124-2020 Madone Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0128-2020 Rock Quarry Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0131-2020 Barmettler St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0136-2020 St Albans Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0137-2020 Millbank St UR Goodson
RCMP-0138-2020 Corporate Ridge Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0140-2020 Carriage Tour Ln UR Goodson
RCMP-0145-2020 Tanglewild Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0146-2020 Westgate Park Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0147-2020 Ebenezer Church Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0151-2020 Atlantic Ave UR Goodson
RCMP-0154-2020 Durant Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0155-2020 St Albans Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0160-2020 Cynrow Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0161-2020 Joe Louis Ave UR Gladwin
RCMP-0164-2020 Glackens Ct UR Goodson
RCMP-0166-2020 Churchill Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0172-2020 Church At North Hills St UR Goodson
RCMP-0182-2020 Ridge Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0188-2020 Reaves Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0190-2020 Wheeler Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0191-2020 Reedy Creek Greenway Trl UR Goodson
RCMP-0192-2020 Perry St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0196-2020 Kimbal St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0198-2020 Smedes Pl UR Gladwin
RCMP-0199-2020 Transylvania Ave UR Gladwin
RCMP-0200-2020 Yadkin Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0203-2020 Duplin Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0206-2020 Wills Forest St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0208-2020 Gavin St UR Goodson
RCMP-0211-2020 Falls Valley Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0222-2020 ACC Blvd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0223-2020 Gannett St UR Goodson
RCMP-0225-2020 Park Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0228-2020 Falls Of Neuse Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0231-2020 W South St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0234-2020 Corporate Center Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0235-2020 Gannett St UR Goodson
RCMP-0241-2020 N Tarboro St UR Goodson
RCMP-0242-2020 Brown Pl UR Gladwin
RCMP-0243-2020 Buffaloe Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0244-2020 Canterbury Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0248-2020 Crest Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0250-2020 Industrial Dr UR Gladwin
RCMP-0251-2020 Mezzo Ln UR Goodson
RCMP-0256-2020 Tryon Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0272-2020 Fox Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0277-2020 Lumley Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0291-2020 Dixie Trl UR Gladwin
RCMP-0294-2020 Dixie Trl UR Goodson
RCMP-0297-2020 Sumner Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0305-2020 E Jones St UR Gladwin
RCMP-0311-2021 Kasota Ln UR Goodson
RCMP-0320-2020 E Hargett St UR Goodson
RCMP-0324-2020 Marlowe Rd UR Gladwin
RCMP-0327-2020 Jones Franklin UR Goodson
RCMP-0330-2020 Oberlin Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0331-2020 M E Valentine UR Ward
RCMP-0334-2020 Louisbury Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0337-2020 Charles Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0339-2020 Shelley Rd UR Gladwin


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
BS-9-19 Water Mist La UR Goodson
BS-12-19 Wakefield Commons Dr UR Goodson
BS-16-19 Brookside DR UR Leveston
BS-17-19 Trinity Rd UR Goodson
BS-18-19 Catalano Dr UR Leveston
BS-19-19 Six Fork Rd UR Thomas
BS-21-19 Marvino La UR Goodson
BS-22-19 Hammond Rd UR Goodson
BS-23-19 Birnamwood Dr UR Leveston
BS-25-19 Glenwood Av UR Leveston
BS-27-19 Carson St UR Leveston
BS-30-19 Pleasant Pines Dr UR Leveston
BS-31-19 Harps Mill Rd UR Thomas
BS-32-19 Auburn Church Rd UR Thomas
BS-34-19 Ray Rd UR Thomas
BS-38-19 Brookside Dr UR Leveston
BS-39-19 Edwards Mill Rd UR Thomas
BS-40-19 Wake Forest Rd UR Leveston
BS-43-19 TW Alexander Dr UR Goodson
BS-44-19 Arlington St UR Leveston
BS-46-19 Sandy Forks Rd UR Thomas
BS-47-19 Brookside Dr UR Thomas
BS-50-19 Discovery Dr UR Thomas
BS-51-19 Pearl Rd UR Leveston
BS-52-19 Common Oak Dr UR Goodson
BS-54-19 N West St UR Thomas
BS-55-19 Hillsborough St UR Leveston
BS-56-19 Yadkin Dr UR Leveston
R-4-19 Barcroft Pl UR Leveston
R-8-19 Ray Rd UR Leveston
R-9-19 Mitchell Mill Rd UR Leveston
R-11-19 Bellevue Rd UR Leveston
R-24-19 Lakeview UR Leveston
R-26-19 Tower St UR Goodson
R-29-19 N Person St UR Leveston
R-32-19 Falls Valley Dr UR Thomas
R-35-19 Roundrock Dr UR Leveston
R-36-19 Lake Boone Trl UR Thomas
R-37-19 Granville Dr UR Thomas
R-43-19 Mitchell Mill Rd UR Thomas
R-52-19 Capital Blvd UR Leveston
R-53-19 Transylvania Av UR Leveston
R-58-19 Moton Pl UR Leveston
R-60-19 New Bern Av UR Goodson
R-61-19 London Dr UR Thomas
R-64-19 Glenwood Av UR Thomas
R-65-19 Second Star Ct UR Leveston
R-67-19 Glenwood Av UR Thomas
R-68-19 S Glenwood Av UR Thomas
R-70-19 Glenwood Av UR Thomas
R-71-19 Oak Park Rd UR Thomas
R-73-19 Smallwood Dr UR Leveston
R-74-19 St Mary St UR Leveston
R-76-19 Nottingham Rd UR Goodson
R-77-19 Maplewood La UR Leveston
R-78-19 ONeal Rd UR Thomas
R-79-19 Ileagnes Rd UR Leveston
R-81-19 Morrison Av UR Thomas
R-82-19 Hillsborough St UR Thomas
R-83-19 Chamberlain St UR Thomas
R-84-19 Candor La UR Thomas
R-86-19 Marcom St UR Thomas
R-87-19 Nowell Rd UR Thomas
R-88-19 Exchange Glenwood Pl UR Leveston
R-89-19 Gary St UR Leveston
R-90-19 Capital Blvd UR Thomas
R-91-19 French Dr UR Thomas
R-92-19 Sawyer Rd UR Thomas
R-94-19 Oberin Rd UR Thomas
R-95-19 St Albans Dr UR Goosdon
RCMP-0002-2019 Lead MINE Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0008-2019 Pines Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0041-2019 Cabarrus Warehouse UR Thomas
RCMP-0042-2019 Churchill Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0043-2019 Durant Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0044-2019 Colonade Center UR Thomas
RCMP-0045-2019 Pegasi Way UR Leveston
RCMP-0046-2019 Hunts Mobile Home Park UR Thomas
RCMP-0049-2019 Willmington St UR Goodson
RCMP-0050-2019 Marilyn Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0051-2019 Pollock Pl UR Thomas
RCMP-0052-2019 Greshame Lake Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0053-2019 Oak Grove Cir UR Thomas
RCMP-0056-2019 Westgate Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0058-2019 Turnbridge Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0059-2019 Dell Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0060-2019 Blue Ridge Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0061-2019 Perry Creek Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0062-2019 Sego Ct UR Thomas
RCMP-0063-2019 Alston St UR Goodson
RCMP-0064-2019 PerryCreek Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0066-2019 Brooklyn St UR Thomas
RCMP-0067-2019 W Cabarrus St UR Leveston
RCMP-0068-2019 Justice DR UR Thomas
RCMP-0069-2019 Marcom St UR Thomas
RCMP-0070-2019 Canterbury Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0071-2019 Bilyeu St UR Goodson
RCMP-0073-2019 Old Well La UR Goodson
RCMP-0074-2019 Dover Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0075-2019 Queen Pierrette St UR Thomas
RCMP-0077-2019 White Oak Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0078-2019 Trinity Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0079-2019 Raleigh Beach Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0080-2019 Iredell Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0082-2019 W Morgan St UR Thomas
RCMP-0083-2019 Lord Joseph Ct UR Leveston
RCMP-0084-2019 Arc Corporate Dr UR Thomas
RCMP-0085-2019 Macaw St UR Goodson
RCMP-0086-2019 Raven Ridge Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0087-2019 Devereux St UR Leveston
RCMP-0089-2019 Wake Forest Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0091-2019 Altha St UR Goodson
RCMP-0092-2019 Rockwood Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0094-2019 E Franklin St UR Leveston
RCMP-0097-2019 Georgetown Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0098-2019 Capital Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0099-2019 Millbank St UR Leveston
RCMP-0100-2019 Wooster St UR Thomas
RCMP-0101-2019 Triangle Town Blvd UR Goodson
RCMP-0103-2019 Spring Forest Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0104-2019 Bernard St UR Leveston
RCMP-0109-2019 Pershing Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0110-2019 Poole Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0112-2019 Forest Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0114-2019 Common Oaks Dr UR Thomas
RCMP-0115-2019 Forestville Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0116-2019 W Johnson St UR Leveston
RCMP-0117-2019 Lumley Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0119-2019 Mission Ridge Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0120-2019 Springfield Commons Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0121-2019 Ghost Pony Trl UR Leveston
RCMP-0122-2019 Greys Landing Way UR Goodson
RCMP-0125-2019 Auburn Church Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0126-2019 Aztec Dr UR Ward
RCMP-0127-2019 Gardner St UR Leveston
RCMP-0128-2019 Glenwood Av UR Leveston
RCMP-0130-2019 Rock Quarry Rd UR Thomas
RCMP-0132-2019 Burt St UR Leveston
RCMP-0133-2019 Heather Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0134-2019 Davis Cir UR Ward
RCMP-0135-2019 Iredell Dr UR Ward
RCMP-0136-2019 Common Oaks Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0139-2019 Knowles St UR Leveston
RCMP-0144-2019 W Johnson St UR Leveston
RCMP-0146-2019 Overlook Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0147-2019 Bethel Rd UR Goodson
RCMP-0150-2019 Ronald Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0152-2019 Deah Way UR Leveston
RCMP-0154-2019 Glenwood Av UR Leveston
RCMP-0158-2019 Dover Rd UR Leveston
RCMP-0159-2019 Como Dr UR Leveston
RCMP-0162-2019 Country Trl UR Leveston
RCMP-0165-2019 Carlton Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0181-2019 North Hills Dr UR Goodson
RCMP-0183-2019 Ridge Rd UR Goodson


Case Number  Project Name/Location/Description Status* Contact
BS-4-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village UR Thomas
BS-14-18 11010 Raven Ridge, Glenlake Gardens UR Goodson
BS-16-18 814 Oberlin Rd, R-O-W easement UR Goodson
BS-34-18 Ridge Brook La, North Bluff I UR Thomas
BS-38-18 Mapleshire Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1062-1066 UR Goodson
BS-39-18 Poplar Meadow, La, Bryson Village Lots 1076-1080 UR Goodson
BS-40-18 Randshire Wy, Bryson Village Lots 1202-1207 UR Goodson
BS-41-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1057-1061 UR Goodson
BS-42-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1086-1091 UR Goodson
BS-43-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1037-1041 UR Goodson
BS-44-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1047-1051 UR Goodson
BS-45-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1071-1075 UR Goodson
BS-46-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1042-1046 UR Goodson
BS-47-18 Poplar Meadow La, Bryson Village Lots 1081-1085 UR Goodson
BS-48-18 Oakberry Dr, Bryson Village Lots 1052-1056 UR Goodson
BS-50-18 Turf Grass Ct, Raleigh Beach Road Apartments UR Goodson
BS-54-18 S New Hope Rd, OReilly Auto UR Thomas
BS-60-18 5200 Green Acres La UR Thomas
BS-78-18 Skybrook Oaks Dr UR Thomas
BS-80-18 Julian Dr UR Goodson
BS-83-18 Parrish Manor Dr UR Thomas
BS-88-18 Norcrest St UR Thomas
BS-93-18 Ancona La UR Thomas
BS-101-18 Pullen Rd UR Thomas
EX-8-18 Litchford Rd UR Leveston
R-27-18 2634 Dover Rd, New lot 44 Wake Hills UR Thomas
R-35-18 Oakwood Ave, ST Augustine's College UR Goodson
R-37-18 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Gateway South UR Goodson
R-38-18 Dellwood Dr, Bolton Land Lot 12 & 13 UR Thomas
R-40-18 Oakwood Ave, Saint Augustine College UR Purifoy
R-46-18 Beardall St, 5401 North Hills lots 1029-1030 UR Thomas
R-56-18 Filmore St, Lot 9 & 10 Block 11 UR Thomas
R-60-18 Tryon Rd UR Goodson
R-66-18 Tryon Rd, Amellia Park UR Thomas
R-70-18 Watauga St, Northstar Capital UR Thomas
R-71-18 Dawson St UR Thomas
R-78-18 Gorman St UR Thomas
R-87-18 Park Ave UR Thomas
R-92-18 E Hargett St UR Goodson
R-104-18 Tanner Dr UR Leveston
R-109-18 Prouette Ct UR Leveston
R-125-18 Chapel Hill Rd UR Leveston
R-130-18 Beacon Lake Dr UR Leveston
R-138-18 Rose La UR Leveston
R-142-18 Carolina Av UR Leveston
R-143-18 2929 Forestville Rd UR Thomas
R-159-18 St Marys St UR Leveston
R-162-18 Shane Dr UR Thomas
S-4-18 Jones Franklin Rd UR Thomas
S-7-18 Edgemont Dr UR Leveston
S-22-18 Trinity Rd UR Leveston
S-31-18 Hunting Ridge Rd UR Goodson
S-42-18 Glenwood Ave UR Goodson
S-69-18 Watkins St UR Leveston
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Planning and Development
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Current Development ActivityLand / Site Development