Maintenance Responsibilities

General Standards:

Individuals or businesses receiving permits for private use of public spaces are required to:

  • Keep the activity area free of litter, debris, dirt, or discarded materials that might be deposited as a result of the approved activity
  • Keep sidewalk surfaces in the activity area free of grease, rust, paint, or other coatings or stains that might be deposited as a result of the approved activity
  • Report accidental spills, graffiti, vandalism, or other damage to sidewalks, trees, or streetscape features immediately to the designated City Department (919-996-6446; graffiti hotline: 919-996-6001).

Activity Specific Standards:

In addition to the general standards noted above, specialized standards apply to the respective activities listed below:

Outdoor Dining - Parklets

Parklet applicants are responsible for maintenance of all Parklet components, including plant materials, surface and furniture cleaning, and keeping the area underneath and adjacent to the Parklet free of obstructions so that stormwater can flow freely at the curb.

Outdoor Dining - Pushcarts - Outdoor Merchandise Sales - Street Furniture & Accessories

The owner of the associated business is required to:

  • Arrange for power washing of the approved dining area at least once every three months
  • Keep the area free of ice or snow. At the onset of snow or ice, tables and chairs must be taken into the restaurant building and stored there until all snow and ice in the outdoor dining area is removed
  • Snow and ice accumulation in building entryways must be pushed to the face of the building for removal by the Parks Department, and
  • Snow and ice accumulation within the outdoor dining area must be pushed to the street gutter for removal by the Parks Department.

The Parks Department assures that sidewalks and Fayetteville Street Garden Zone areas are passable by 8:00 a.m.

A-Frame Signs

The owner of the associated business is required to maintain the sign in an upright position.

Fayetteville Street Maintenance Standards

  • Further specifications are provided in the City of Raleigh manual Fayetteville Street Renaissance Phase I Maintenance Partnership, Programs and Policies.
  • Trees will be pruned for health of tree and for safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians, and not for accommodating signs, awnings, etc. The City Urban Forester must be contacted before any tree pruning is done (contact 919-996-4858).

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