Telecommunication Equipment Installation

Process information on permitting small cells, 5G antennas, or fiber lines.

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Equipment in the Public Right-of-Way Equipment on Private Property Fiber Installation (aerial or underground)

Telecommunication devices are essential for the growth of a city. These include things like:

  • Fiber lines,
  • Small cell poles,
  • Cell towers, and;
  • Antennas

In order to expand city infrastructure, companies are required to submit plans for encroachments (when needed) and permitting to allow the installation of these devices. 

Equipment in the Public Right-of-Way

This process is developed for the installation of new small cell poles, antennas, and new antennas (co-locates) proposed on existing poles in the right-of-way. Any request for equipment in the right-of-way must be approved through the Encroachment Process prior to permitting issuance. Additionally, the following documentation must be submitted to the Planning and Development Customer Service Center via email:

Submit your permit package via email to

Once the timing of the installation within the public right-of-way is known, submittal of a Street, Lane, and Sidewalk Closure permit is required.  A Street, Lane, and Sidewalk closure permit is obtained by submission of your closure plan through the Permit and Development Portal.  Please allow 5 days for the processing of this permit.  Additional information can be found on the Right of Way Services page.

Equipment on Private Property

This process is developed for the installation of cell towers, telecommunication equipment, new antennas (co-locates), or the replacement of assets in areas dedicated to telecommunication equipment on private property.

The permit package must include the following. All documents must be submitted in PDF format:

Submit your permit package via email to

Fiber Installation (aerial or underground)

Any request for new underground or aerial assets must be submitted and approved through the Encroachment Process prior to permitting for any installation.

Once approved by City Council, the applicant can apply for Right-of-Way permits. Visit our Right-of-Way Services page for more information on this process.



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