Inspections of solar panel farm by two people

Failing an Inspection: Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

Helpful information for residential and commercial inspections.

This page provides a list of typical rejections we often see during the building and electrical rough-in and/or final inspection for a Solar PV Systems project. This checklist can help serve contractors and subcontractors to minimize re-inspections and to complete a project in a timely manner.

  1. NEC 110.9: the AIC rating does not match the breaker interrupting rating
  2. NEC 110.12 (A): unused openings shall be closed for protection.
  3. NEC 110.14: electrical connectors and conductors shall not be of dissimilar materials.
  4. NEC 110.14 (A): connection of conductors to terminals shall be properly torqued.
  5. NEC 110.26: maintain minimum working distance per Table 110.26 (A) (1).
  6. NEC 250.8 Equipment grounding conductors, equipment grounding bars, and lugs to be fastened to the enclosure with machine thread screw-type fasteners.
  7. Plans and photos onsite for the inspector.
  8. NCDOI: Required photos not complete, don’t show all required items, and not uploaded into EnerGov.
  9. NEC 408.4: circuits shall be legibly identified and be able to withstand the environment installed.
  10. NEC 250.4 (A) (3): conductive materials such as array frames and array mounting metal that may become energized shall be bonded together.
  11. NEC 690.47 (G)(4): labels are to be visible, reflective, letters shall be 3/8 in., white on red, and suitable for the environment when required.
  12. Access to inside components, wiring, panels, etc. like in the attic, garage, and crawl space.
  13. NCDOI: missing information on the Design Professional Appendix G when submitted by a third party.
  14. Missing fall protection when required by the applicable codes.
  15. Egress is not identified when roofs are publicly occupied.



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