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The Mordecai Story Portraits of a Park Square Roots Women of Change Hello, We Are Raleigh! You Really Stuck it to Me Today An Emblem of Human Mercy A Family Story The Music Man Capital Cartography

The Historic Resources and Museum (HRM) Program exhibits explore Raleigh’s history by presenting the people, places, and events unique to our capital city.

The HRM Program is proud to extend the following exhibits to reach our audience, digitally. You can now explore Raleigh’s rich and diverse history from the comfort of anywhere! Browse all exhibits below.

The Mordecai Story

image of museum virtual exhibit preview

The Mordecai Story: Faith, Family, and Community in Raleigh

Examine two centuries of history through the lens of the Mordecai story! By considering faith, family, and community, this exhibit sheds light on the many people—both enslaved and free—who were part of the Mordecai story from the late 18th century through the early 20th century.

View the Mordecai Story Virtual Exhibit

Portraits of a Park

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50th Anniversary of Mordecai Historic Park

This exhibit shows how the park has grown and changed over the decades, from the initial vision of the founders to the modern era.

View the Portraits of a Park Virtual Exhibit

Square Roots

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Square Roots: The History of Moore Square

Explore one of Raleigh’s most significant historic sites, Moore Square! Located in the heart of Raleigh since the city’s founding in 1792.

View the Square Roots Virtual Exhibit

Women of Change

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Women of Change: The Legacy of the 19th Amendment

Unite with women who fought for the right to vote and continue to make waves in politics.

View the Women of Change Virtual Exhibit

Hello, We Are Raleigh!

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Our capital city has such a rich and vibrant history that we can’t wait to share with you!

View the We Are Raleigh Virtual Exhibit

You Really Stuck it to Me Today

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The Political Cartoons of Dwane Powell 

This exhibit features 25 original cartoons spanning the length of Dwane Powell’s career, with an original mural painted by Powell himself.

View the You Really Stuck it to Me Today Virtual Exhibit

An Emblem of Human Mercy

Historic photography of Raleigh red cross building with people outside

Image courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina

An Emblem of Human Mercy: The Wake County Red Cross

Meet the Raleigh chapter of the Red Cross, which inspired women from all over North Carolina to take action during World War I and the Spanish Flu epidemic.

View the Emblem of Human Mercy Virtual Exhibit

Download the Emblem of Human Mercy Exhibit 

A Family Story

Evelyn Pope sits for multiple frames

A Family Story: Images from the Pope House Museum

Navigate through photographs from the Pope House Museum Collection illuminating African American family life in the segregated South. 

View the Family Story Virtual Exhibit

Download the Family Story Exhibit

The Music Man

Sam Cooke flanked by two reporters backstage Memorial Auditorium, 1958

The Music Man: The Life and Legacy of Joseph Winters

Witness the musical acts brought to the Capitol City by one of Raleigh’s finest. 

View the Music Man Virtual Exhibit

Download the Music Man Exhibit 

Capital Cartography

A historic print of cartographer looking through scope

Capital Cartography: A History of Raleigh in Maps

Examine over 200 years of maps, showing how Raleigh has evolved since its founding. 

View the Capital Cartography Virtual Exhibit

Download the Capital Cartography Exhibit 



Kathryn Neuhart, Curator of Exhibits and Design

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