Marsh Creek Park Rentals

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Fees Reserving a Space Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions
Space Capacity Cost/Hour Size Features
Art Room (105) 38 $40 24'x32' Tile floors, counter Space, two sinks, 55" TV with HDMI hookup, whiteboard, projection screen
Classroom (107) 45 $65 30'x32' Tile floors, counter space, 55" TV with HDMI hookup, whiteboard, projection screen
Multipurpose Room 119 $75 45'x25' Laminate floors, counter space, 65" TV with HDMI hookup, whiteboard, projection screen, adjacent to the warming kitchen (separate rental fee for kitchen)
Instructional Room 30 $40 30'x25' Carpet, tables/chairs already setup for 18 people, 55" TV with HDMI hookup, whiteboard. Perfect for business meeting, group meeting, or training. No food/drinks allowed - only water.
Gymnasium 467 $85 120'x70' Air conditioning/heating, hardwood flooring, six goals (no food/drink - only water allowed). For athletic use only. No tables/chairs are allowed.
Warming Kitchen n/a $25 n/a Adjacent to Multipurpose Room with in-room access, flat top range/stove, refrigerator/freezer (no ice-maker), microwave, counter space (Kitchen only for warming/storing).
Lower Deck 95 $30 120'x22' Covered area below the Center. Convenient to the playground. Picnic tables provided but not moveable. No tables/chair provided. No bathrooms unless Center is scheduled to be open.
Inline Rink n/a $30 185'x85' Plexiflor inline skating surfacing system


The base rate is listed for each room and may change based on the type of rental per the Raleigh parks Fees and Charges Policy.

Rental Application Fee – $15 flat fee (this required fee is non-refundable)

Damage Deposit – $100 flat fee (this fee will be returned, minus any charges assessed, after the rental is completed)

Supervisory Fee – $30 per hour (fee required for rentals outside of normal hours)

Reserving a Space

  1. Visit the facility to verify the space will work for your event. The approximate capacities are listed above.
  2. Go to to request the rental using the steps below:
  • Sign in or register (upper right-hand corner)
  • Facilities
  • Select begin date and begin time (left side)
    • If the date/time aren’t listed, they aren’t available for rent.
    • Be sure to include time for setup/cleanup.
  • Select Marsh Creek Community Center as your location (left side)
  • Search
  • Select space/date/time
    • Be sure to add in the Kitchen if access is needed during your rental
    • Select consecutive multiple 30-minute options to acquire the full 2-hour minimum
  • Add to cart
  • Chose the family member reserving the space
  • Completely fill out form
  • Review rental agreements/refund and cancellation policy/other “need to know” information included
  • Check out
  • Center staff will receive your request and reach out with questions they might have and send you the rental contract/payment details. You will have 7 days to return the signed contract and make full payment or the reservation will be automatically cancelled by the system.


  • Setup/cleanup time must be included in the time booked.
  • Renters are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  • Additional staff may be required for large rentals at the renter’s expense.
  • Teen and dance Party Requirements:
    • A guest list must be provided at least 14 days prior to the event. Only guests on the list will be allowed in the facility. 
    • An off-duty RPD police officer may be required at the expense of the renter. 
    • Provide a chaperone plan for the event.
  • There may be additional requirements based on the rental activities. 
    • Certificate of Insurance: Million-dollar policy listing the City as additionally insured. 
    • Catering Permit: Form for caterer if serving food during rental. 
    • Assembly Permit: Form for events expecting more than 100 people. 
    • Vendor/Concession/Admission: Required if funds are taken on City property.
  • All transfers, cancellations, and refunds will follow the PRCR departments refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start setting up for my rental?
Set up may begin at the start of the rental time. Clean-up must be complete by the end of the rented time.

Who cleans the room after the event?
The renter is responsible for cleaning the room, including mopping, taking out the trash and putting away tables and chairs. The room must be returned in the state you found it.

Can I use decorations in the room?
Renters may use freestanding decorations, but nothing attached to walls. Decorations must be removed at the end of the rental.

Is there electronic equipment available?
There is no electronic equipment, such as projectors or microphones, available for renters.

Are tables and chairs available?
Tables and chairs may be used by rental groups based on availability (indoor spaces only)

How late may I rent the space?
The facility may be rented between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. The renter is responsible for fees for rentals outside of normal operating hours.

Can I bring a grill, fish fryer, or food truck?
Grills, fish fryers, and food trucks are not allowed at this location.