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Photograph of the Boylan-Pearce possibly staff in front of Boylan-Pearce building during the 1920s

Photograph of possibly Boylan-Pearce staff in front of Boylan-Pearce building during the 1920s.

The Historic Resources and Museum (HRM) Program manages more than 27,000 decorative art objects pertaining to local history and material culture. The collection includes but is not limited to furniture, ceramics, silver, fine art, photographs, archives, amusements, glass, and textiles dating from the 17th century to the present day.

Many of the objects furnish more than 25 rooms, galleries, or spaces in and around our historic sites. The HRM Program aims to research and present the most authentic settings, exhibits, and programs possible, from the wealthy landowner, to the African American doctor, to the amusements that have been enjoyed by generations.

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Our online database allows for previewing many of our objects before visiting any of our sites.

Donate An Artifact

If you would like to donate any items to the HRM Program, please contact Ainsley Powell, at ainsley.powell@raleighnc.gov or 919-996-4365. Whether email or by phone, please be prepared to describe the item(s) in detail. While the HRM Program does have basic criteria we look for in a potential donation, all need to be able to meet certain criteria:

  • Was the item(s) made or used in Raleigh and/or at one of the HRM Program sites?
  • Would it be considered a duplicate?
  • Can it be used in a program or exhibit?
  • Does the HRM Program have the means and space to properly care for the item(s) for its longevity?

Do you have a potential donation that lends to the immediate needs of the HRM Program? See our “wish list” broken down by our sites here.

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