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General Futsal Rules and City of Raleigh Rules of Use to Consider

Rules for Pick-up Futsal Play

Teams shall consist of four players (three field players and a designated goalkeeper). Ball shall be a Futsal low-bounce ball. Matches shall be 10 minutes without stoppages (five-minute halves).

The following general soccer rules apply, with some variation:

  1. Object of game: First team to five goals wins. Winners stay on!
  2. Tie breaker: Tie Game after 10 minutes (whichever team scored last goal (equalizing) stays on)
  3. Substitutions: Substitutions are made on the fly during play (after substituted player has completely left the field.).
  4. Tackling: NO SLIDING is allowed for safety reasons.  
  5. Restarts: Free kicks, corners, from the ground, and taken within four seconds. Opponent shall not be closer than two yards.
  6. Offsides: There are no offsides.
  7. Out of bounds: No throw-ins from the sidelines. Instead, ball is placed on ground and passed into a teammate with the foot.
  8. Goalkeeping: Within penalty area, goalkeeper may restart with hands or from the ground. No punting or drop kicks. From keeper’s hands the ball must touch the ground before the midline or touch a player before touching the ground or it will be a turnover (restart at midline).
  9. Penalty: With penalty kick, all players must stay behind the ball except for the penalty kicker.
  10. Tournament play: Tournament standings award three points for a win and one point for a tie.



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