The trail and signage leading to the nature play area

Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park Rules

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  • Stay on the trails. Bicycles are not allowed on trails.
  • Leave No Trace – take your litter home.
  • Respect and protect all plants and animals. No fishing in pond.
  • Keep pets on a leash under your control at all times. Pets can cause harm to rare plants, ground-nesting birds, juvenile box turtles, baby rabbits, fledglings and other wildlife. Pets off trails can pick up ticks or be bitten by copperheads.
  • Pick up after your pet. We provide dog waste bags in dispensers in both parking lots.
  • Protect yourself from ticks, fire ants and chiggers. Watch for copperheads on the trails. Always wear closed-toe shoes while here.
  • Leave by park closing hours.
  • Enjoy nature’s peace and beauty!

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