Collection Schedules for Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste

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Holidays and Schedule Changes

Garbage, recycling, and yard waste are normally collected on the same day of the week (Tuesday through Friday).

Collection frequency

  • Garbage is collected weekly.
  • Recycling and yard waste are picked up every other week on an alternating schedule.

Find Your Collection Schedule

Enter your street address to see when we pick up your garbage, recycling and yard waste. A link to a downloadable calendar that you can print is provided in the results.

If You Already Know Your Collection Schedule is A or B

You can download your collection calendar here:

Holidays and Schedule Changes

Some holidays require changes to the City's regular curbside collection schedule. Check your recycling and yard waste calendar using our interactive tool above to learn how the holidays may affect your service. Collection schedules are subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. For the most up-to-date, last-minute schedule alerts, follow the City of Raleigh on Twitter.



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