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Download and Print Your New Collection Calendar

The word is getting out! Solid Waste Service customers and Raleigh residents are learning that the Raleigh Reuse App and Web Tool are easy to use. It is beneficial for getting collection alerts, determining the proper way to dispose of unwanted items, and testing their recycling knowledge. 

Solid Waste customers can view or print personalized curbside collection schedules using the app and web tool. The mobile app lets users view their collection calendar and set up alerts on their phones and tablets. The web tool is available online at It offers the same functionality as the app, and users can download and print a personalized calendar at home. 

If you wish to download a hard copy of your curbside collection calendar, you can learn more about printing a Curbside Collection Calendar using the Raleigh Reuse Web Tool. 

As a reminder to customers, the Solid Waste Services department is no longer mailing a printed collection calendar to residents. Download the app onto your smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or access it on our website today.  

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Solid Waste Services