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Housing and Neighborhoods Annual Reports Now Available

Learn About Affordable Housing, Small Business Development, and Neighborhood Enrichment Initiatives and Accomplishments from FY22-23

The Housing and Neighborhoods Department enhances the well-being of Raleigh's residents by adding affordable housing, improving existing affordable housing, revitalizing older neighborhoods, supporting small business development, and supporting neighborhood initiatives.   

We are pleased to share our annual reporting from FY22-23 (June 1, 2022-July 31, 2023) with the community! 

Affordable Housing Annual Report

Affordable Housing is a key priority for the City of Raleigh. Last fiscal year, we made great progress towards our affordable housing goal, creating and preserving a total of 411 affordable units.  

Learn more about our efforts to support affordable rental units, homebuyer assistance, home rehabilitation, homelessness prevention and support, and more by viewing the annual report below! 

Small Business Development Annual Report

The City’s Small Business Development team works to support and empower small businesses throughout the City of Raleigh. We help the 20,000+ small businesses in the City thrive by amplifying and creating resources, offering funding opportunities, and more.  

Find out more about last fiscal year’s accomplishments by viewing the annual report below. 

Neighborhood Enrichment Services Annual Report

The Neighborhood Enrichment Services Division manages programs and initiatives to bring our community together. Our work includes efforts to connect neighborhoods, encourage volunteerism, provide youth services, bridge the digital divide, and more. 

Learn more about our engagement in the community and last year’s accomplishments in the report below.



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