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Professional staff and inspectors are tasked with overseeing the construction and maintenance of safe buildings and dwellings in the City of Raleigh’s jurisdiction.

We strive to ensure the public's health, safety, and welfare through the enforcement of adopted codes, to promote the economic health of the City of Raleigh by enhancing business development and retention, assuring adequate housing and clean neighborhoods.

Housing Code

Raleigh’s Housing Code requires homeowners and landlords to keep their homes in good condition. The code also applies to abandoned commercial structures. Our Housing inspectors inspect dwellings to ensure that the structure meets the minimum standards prescribed by the ordinance. Infractions can range from repairable situations such as broken windows or inactive water service to major structural integrity issues. Depending on the situation, inspectors will determine if a house needs to be repaired or, in some cases, demolished.

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Commercial Structures

If commercial buildings are not properly maintained, they can have a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. The City of Raleigh has a Non-Residential Building Code that regulates commercial structures that have structural and safety issues. This code addresses interior, exterior and property maintenance standards. The code also includes enforcement tools such as repair, vacate or demolition orders and civil penalties against non-compliant property owners.

Our process

  • After inspection, the inspector notifies the property owner and any other parties of interest of an administrative hearing, held about 30 days after the inspection.
  • The type of order depends upon the extent and severity of the Housing Code violations found.
  • Orders associated with more minimal repairs usually have a compliance period of 20-40 days after the hearing.
  • After receiving the order, the property owner should comply with required repairs to the dwelling. (20-day extensions of time may be granted upon a reasonable written request.)It is encouraged that the property owner expediently performs repairs by the hearing date and/or deadline date of inspection in order to prevent administrative fees and civil penalties being assessed.
  • If the owner fails to comply with the order, the Code Enforcement Division may refer the case to City Council for resolution or seek approval from City Council to demolish the structure when repairs exceed 50% of the building's value.

Contact the Code Enforcement Division by completing a Code Enforcement Request Form or by calling 919-996-2444 to report any suspected code violation. With your help, we can ensure that the City of Raleigh continues to be a safe, more attractive place to live, work and play.



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