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Community Health Projects

Project Name Description Funding Phase Date Approved
Human Service Non-Profit Agency Support These funds will be used to provide direct services to low-income Raleigh residents who identify with one of the targeted groups: elderly, youth, individuals with disability (physical or mental), individuals who use substances, and are homeless.  $1 million Phase I July 6, 2021
DRA Social Services Ambassador In partnership with the Downtown Raleigh Alliance (DRA), the Social Service Outreach Specialist is responsible for circulating throughout the Downtown District identifying and building positive relationships with persons on the street in need of services. The position helps people cope with challenges they are facing in their lives and refers them to resources structured to deal with their situation. $59,945 Phase I Aug. 17, 2021
Community Health Initiatives Partnerships to expand community health initiatives around mental health, food security and assistance for those disproportionally impacted by the pandemic. $10 million Phase II Sept. 21, 2021
ARPA Community Gardens   $321,000    November 15, 2022
Community Health Initiatives  Through an RFP process, the City will select non-profit organizations to make capital investments or adaptations to facilities to increase/expand capacity and/or address community health needs. This grant funding will improve community health outcomes, including but not limited to, behavioral health, mental health, and other health issues exacerbated by the pandemic, as well as related public health needs. $3 million  Phase II May 17, 2022
ARPA Produce Project Recognizing that health food options are a primary component to community health, PRCR refocused it's resources to leverage existing community partners to address this challenge. The goal is to offer affordable, fresh produce in a community where there are limited options.  A refrigerated box truck will be purchased to use in collaboration with The Produce Project to store and transport fresh produce being distributed at City of Raleigh parks. The addition of the refrigerated box truck will ensure all produce remains fresh for end users (buyers and donation recipients). $179,000    July 5, 2022

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