At a feedback session, person adds ideas by pasting post-it notes to the wall under a category.

Vote Now to Fund Projects in Your District!

Cast a vote to decide what the City funds in next year's budget

The community gave us great input in last month’s listening sessions. Thank you for bringing your energy, passion, and ideas.

Now, we’re inviting you to help us determine how to spend $1,000,000 in capital funding city-wide: that's $200,000 per district.

During last year's budget engagement process, residents indicated needs in the areas of community development, transportation, community engagement, and sustainability.

As part of the FY25 budget process, the City of Raleigh Budget team is laying the groundwork for more community input in our budget going forward. The community-based projects up for vote were chosen by City staff based on resident feedback. These projects are complementary to the core priorities the community has shared (above) that will be covered in the rest of the City's budget. There's also a suggestion box so you can share your ideas.

Vote to see your favorite project for your district in next year's City budget! 

Voting is open until Dec. 31.

Find your district and take your district's survey.

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Budget and Management Services