Row of small businesses at Village District

Fall 2023 Impact Partner Grant Request for Proposal is now live!

Are you a purpose-driven organization or visionary innovator looking to create a positive impact in Raleigh's community? We are excited to announce the much-awaited Fall 2023 Request for Proposals for the Impact Partner Grants, presented by the City of Raleigh's Office of Strategy and Innovation. 

The Impact Partner Grants are designed to provide crucial funding and support to organizations that empower underrepresented innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, helping them thrive in our vibrant city. 

The City of Raleigh firmly believes in the power of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. Through these grants, our commitment lies in supporting initiatives that drive positive change, foster economic development, and cultivate a dynamic innovation landscape in Raleigh. 

For in-depth program information, eligibility criteria, and the proposal submission process, visit our the Impact Partner Grant webpage. Don't miss the opportunity to submit your proposals by 11:59 p.m. ET on September 15. 

Join us in creating a lasting impact on Raleigh's innovation ecosystem!

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Cristina Leos
Senior Innovation Strategist
Office of Strategy and Innovation

Lead Department:
Strategy and Innovation