Aerial photo of old DMV building

Meet the Project Working Group for the Former DMV Site

Members will be instrumental in creating a vision for the site

The Office of Community Engagement is thrilled to announce the selection of 12 passionate Raleigh residents to join the Former DMV Site Project Working Group. After a thorough review of over 90 applications, the individuals selected have demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the New Bern Avenue Corridor and will be instrumental in the visioning of the site.

The project working group members each have unique connections to the corridor. All members are long-time Raleigh residents, many of whom are second-, third-, or fourth-generation natives and represent various neighborhoods. This includes College Park, Battery Heights, Oakwood, and Cotton Place.

Many of the group members are not just residents but active contributors to their communities. They dedicate their time to various civic endeavors, including participation in local initiatives, advisory councils, and community-based organizations. Their commitment to community involvement underscores their dedication to fostering positive change and meaningful connections within their neighborhoods, inspiring us all.

They also possess diverse skills and expertise that will greatly contribute to the project. Community faith-based organization leaders, public health administrators, educators, and community organizers are among them. Many are well-versed in issues impacting marginalized populations in the area, such as real estate development and affordable housing. Their collective knowledge and experience make them invaluable assets to the project.

The City is confident that this esteemed group will bring valuable perspectives to developing a vision for the site. The members are:

  • Dr. Ajamu Dillahunt-Holloway
  • Desmond Dunn 
  • Clark Rinehart 
  • Harolynn Coplin 
  • Dr. Shawn Singleton 
  • Tara Minter 
  • Felts Lewis 
  • Karen Haynes 
  • Anthony Pope 
  • Helen Tart 
  • Harold Mallette 
  • Tolulope Omokaiye

To stay up to date on all things related to this project, follow along on the Former DMV Site project page

Ajamu Dillahunt-Holloway

Desmond Dunn

Clark Rinehart

Harolynn Coplin

Shawn Singleton

Tara Minter

Felts Lewis

Karen Haynes

Anthony Pope

Helen Tart

Harold Mallette

Tolulope Omokaiye



Nadia Moreta
Assistant Community Engagement Manager

Lead Department:
Community Engagement