Aerial photo of old DMV building

Raleigh Seeks Community Input for Former DMV Property Transformation

Site will be part of a new chapter for Raleigh

As we seek to revitalize community spaces and foster local engagement, the City of Raleigh has set its sights on the 5.88-acre former DMV property. Nestled along the future New Bern Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route, this location is poised to become a vibrant hub for Southeast Raleigh. 

Raleigh wants you, the community, to be a part of this project. The first step in this journey is forming a project working group. This group will be 7 to 9 community members who know the area well. The group will play a pivotal role in influencing the property’s development. If you are passionate about the idea of imagining what this space can be for the community, apply to join the working group. We'd even like to see a more creative name for the group, and maybe you can help!

Our hope is that by working together, we can turn the former DMV property into a fantastic place for the community. This is a special chance for the community to get involved, share ideas, and help make Raleigh an even better place to live. The former DMV property isn't just land; it's a blank canvas waiting for the ideas of the people who call Southeast Raleigh home.

Read more about the project and stay up to date on our website.



Nadia Moreta
Assistant Community Engagement Manager

Lead Department:
Community Engagement