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Spring Smart Cities Connect Conference Fosters Sustainable Urban Transformations

Raleigh to host this conference May 7-10

The City of Raleigh is proud to announce its hosting of this spring’s Smart Cities Connect conference, a pivotal event aimed at exploring the cutting-edge advancements and collaborative strategies shaping the future of urban development.

The conference, slated to take place this May 7-10, 2024, will serve as a platform for thought leaders, urban planners, technologists, policymakers, researchers, and industry experts to convene and deliberate on the multifaceted dimensions of catalyzing lasting change within urban settings. With a focus on critical aspects, strategies, and collaborative approaches, attendees will delve into the necessary frameworks for fostering sustainable transformations within city communities.

John Holden, Smart City Manager for the City of Raleigh, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "The City of Raleigh is thrilled to host this Spring's Smart Cities Connect conference. This gathering represents a crucial opportunity for stakeholders to come together and chart the course for sustainable urban development. From pilot projects showcasing innovative technologies to enduring infrastructure investments, the discussions and insights shared at this event can assist in shaping the future of our city"

This year's conference boasts a record number of exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, workshops, and attendees, highlighting the growing interest and momentum surrounding smart city initiatives. Among the notable features of the event is the sold-out pre conference workshop, “Technology for a Connect Triangle+ Designing the Use Cases” hosted by the Office of Strategy and Innovation. This sold-out workshop, open to sponsors and vendors exhibiting at the Smart Cities Connect Conference, will focus on further developing regional smart city-technology projects.

Key objectives of the workshop include focused efforts on data sharing and governance, as well as defining metrics to monitor sustainability and climate change plans across the region. Sponsored by LifeScale Analytics, this workshop will feature roundtable dialogues aimed at enhancing sustainability and climate change modeling in communities within the Triangle Region.

Partnering with Smart Cities Connect shows the City of Raleigh's commitment to elevating the quality of life and opportunities for its citizens and visitors. By fostering a collaborative environment where diverse stakeholders can exchange ideas and insights, the conference aims to generate a roadmap for the city to navigate sustainable transformations effectively.

For more information about Smart Raleigh, contact the City of Raleigh Office of Strategy and Innovation. Learn more about the Smart Cities Connect conference.



John Holden
Smart City Manager, City of Raleigh

Lead Department:
Strategy and InnovationInformation Technology