How Will Participating in MWBE Programs Benefit Your Business?

The City of Raleigh encourages and provides equal opportunities for certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) businesses to participate in all aspects of the City’s contracting and procurement programs including professional services, goods and other services, and construction. Prime contractors are required to identify participation of MWBE businesses in their proposal, and how that participation will be achieved.

  • Marketing Tool: Increase visibility for your business and network with general contractors during pre-bid meetings.
  • Certified MWBE Suppliers: Certified MWBE firms who register via Raleigh Supplier Connection will be added to the City’s active supplier list. This list is accessed by City staff when soliciting MWBE suppliers for contracting opportunities. 
  • Email Notifications: Receive electronic notification of bid opportunities for City of Raleigh. You will be invited to attend any pre-bid meetings.
  • Workshops & Seminars: The City of Raleigh partners with local non-profit organizations to provide resources and education opportunities for business owners. Workshops are provided free of charge and cover a broad range of topics relevant to your business. Sign-up today to receive information on workshops & seminars.
  • Annual Raleigh Small Business Expo: Every year, representatives from the City of Raleigh, Wake County Public Schools, and other local and non-profit governmental agencies gather to provide information about upcoming construction projects. This event provides business owners an opportunity to network with local general contractors seeking subcontractors, end users, and suppliers.




MWBE Program Manager:
Lekesha Shaw

MWBE Coordinator
Maria A. Torres

Equity and Inclusion



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