Weird Raleigh Walking Tour

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During this tour, you will get to find seven weird and unique things to do in Raleigh. Sites include Color Pop Mural, Marbles Kids Museum, and White Coleman House. 

Cost: Free, self-guided
Getting around: Walk or bikeshare
Starting point: Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury Street, Raleigh
Tour distance: 2.4 miles 
Duration: 55 minutes walking; 20 biking 
Full Audio tour: Available 

Interactive Map

Use this interactive map to see the tour. Click on any of the sites on the map to see a description of the attraction and/or listen to the audio description. You can also view and download a PDF version of the map. 



The Weird Raleigh Tour has a total of seven different stops. During this tour, you will learn about eccentric Raleigh-specific events and discover unique places to visit.

Stop 1: Raleigh Convention Center
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500 S. Salisbury Street
Welcome to the Weird Walking Tour! During this tour you will learn about eccentric Raleigh-specific events and discover unique buildings and art. 

Child plays with display at Marbles Kids Museum

Stop 2: Marbles Kids Museum
201 E. Hargett St.
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Marbles Kids Museum is a nonprofit children’s museum is in the Moore Square Historic District. This attraction features walls that are filled with more than 1 million marbles that light up at night.

Exterior mural in Color Pop corner outdoor space

Stop 3: ColorPop Corner 
102 S. Blount Street 
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Color Pop Corner features a vibrant geometric mural, seating spaces, and large concrete spheres for kids to play on.

Black and white photo of White-Holman house exterior

Stop 4: White-Holman House
206 New Bern Place 
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Recognized as the oldest house within Raleigh's original city limits, the White-Holeman house has a haunted history derived from several incidents of hearing sounds of a peg-legged ghost walking up and down the back staircase of the property. 

Krispy Kreme sign

Stop 5: Krispy Kreme (Donut Run) 
549 N. Person St.
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The Krispy Kreme Challenge is a North Carolina favorite that includes a five-mile run upon where participants must eat a dozen donuts before completing the race. 

Black and white photo of Smoky Hollow Neighborhood baseball field

Stop 6: Smoky Hollow Neighborhood, Deveraux Meadows
600 N. West St.  
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This neighborhood once housed many mill and factory workers of Raleigh, making it an important piece of Downtown Raleigh history.

Exterior of Take Warning Mural

Stop 7: Take Warning Mural
301 N. Harrington St.  
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In 2019, GoTriangle donated this wall space to the City to celebrate the Carolina Hurricanes making it to the 2019 NHL Eastern Conference Finals. 

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