Downtown Raleigh Murals Tour

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Downtown Raleigh offers many inspiring murals to look at and snap photos with. Not only are these murals beautiful, but they have a rich history and meaning behind them.

Cost: Free, self-guided
Getting around: Walk or bikeshare
Starting point: Raleigh Convention Center, 500 S. Salisbury Street, Raleigh
Tour distance: Three miles
Duration: 56 minutes walking; 23 minutes biking 
Full Audio tour: Available

Interactive Map

Use this interactive map to see the tour. Click on any of the sites on the map to see a description of the attraction and/or listen to the audio description. You can also view and download a PDF version of the map. 



In this self-guided tour, you will discover 10 murals and hear the interesting stories behind them. Sites include: Shaw University, the No Damsels mural, and the Abstraction Motion mural with Google Fiber.

aerial shot of the Raleigh Convention Center at twilight

Stop 1: Raleigh Convention Center

500 S. Salisbury St.

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Welcome to the Downtown Murals Tour, where you will see some of the beautiful art Raleigh has to offer. 

Shaw University 150th Anniversary Mural

Stop 2: Shaw University 150th Anniversary

720 S. Blount St.

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Installed in celebration of Shaw University's 150th Anniversary, this mural incorporates the themes of technology, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.  

Honest Abe Mural

Stop 3: Honest Abe

126 E. Cabarrus St. 

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"Honest Abe" can be found on the Lincoln Theatre's west-facing wall. The Lincoln Theatre was built in 1945 and was originally an entertainment venue for African Americans.

Exterior of Color Pop Corner mural

Stop 4: Color Pop Corner

102 S. Blount Street 

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Color Pop Corner at Marbles delights the senses with its brightly-colored and eye-catching geometric shapes. 

John Prine Mural

Stop 5: John Prine 

107 E. Martin St. 

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Artist Scott Nurkin painted this mural during the 2018 World of Bluegrass International Festival as a Grammy Awards promotional push for country folk singer-songwriter, John Prine.

No Damsel mural of three Disney princesses

Stop 6: No Damsel 

329 W. Martin St. 

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“No Damsel” reimagines Disney princesses like never before and places them into a modern environment.

B.E.S.T. Mural in Warehouse District

Stop 7: B.E.S.T Mural in the Warehouse District

210 S. West St.

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The B.E.S.T. mural, meaning "Beautifying Emergency Spaces Together", was a collaborative effort between artists, residents, and businesses who had the same goal of wanting to shape downtown through shared creative expression. 

Ann and Allen Iverson Mural

Stop 8: Ann and Allen Iverson

409 W. Martin St.

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This mural featuring Allen Iverson was a part of CAM Raleigh’s the "Above Rim Exhibition" that explored basketball through the lens of art from 16 international artists.

All Are Welcome Raleigh Mural at night

Stop 9: All Are Welcome Raleigh Mural

428 S. McDowell St.

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Created by artist Luke Buchanan, the "All Are Welcome Raleigh" mural, welcomes visitors to Downtown Raleigh along a highly-trafficked thoroughfare and was commissioned and led by Chef Ashley Christensen. 

Building exterior featuring Abstraction Motion Google Fiber Mural

Stop 10: Abstraction Motion with Google Fiber

410 S. Salisbury St.

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Created in 2018, this mural is the first of its kind in the world. Combining both art and technology this mural created by Raleigh native Taylor White and Google Fiber allows you to really see as well as feel the art. 

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