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"Top Issues" Hub Keeps Residents Informed

Learn about Raleigh's key challenges and exciting developments

Hey, Raleigh - check out the new guide to top issues! It's a hub of insights into the key challenges and exciting developments in our community. We've got you covered, from affordable housing to responsible development. We'll talk about what's coming next in transit options and how we can work together to build an even safer city.

A lot of these topics can be hard to understand. We'll try to break down things like how zoning works or where you can find help to buy your first home. We'll lay out how Bus Rapid Transit will improve commute and why it's better for the planet too.

We also want to hear from YOU. Vote on community projects, budget priorities, and shape the alternative response program.

Check it out, and keep coming back for more. Don't forget to share your ideas for the page on the "Was this page helpful?" widget at the bottom. We all want a strong, resilient community, and your engagement is key to make that happen. Thank you for helping to shape the future of our city. 

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