A close up photo of a mural by artist JP Jermaine Powell on wall behind metal bike racks at Raleigh Union Station. The mural features a bicycle, a sun painted around a light fixture, and a silhouette of the city skyline with colorful wavy lines.


E-Bike Incentive Program

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Ral-E-Bike coming soon! What is Ral-E-Bike? Frequently Asked Questions

On June 5, 2023, City Council authorized staff to establish a pilot program to incentivize the purchase of of electric bicycles (e-bikes) for Raleigh residents. 

Ral-E-Bike coming soon!

The Ral-E-Bike program is in the works! City staff are working to establish the program and we will keep this page up to date with more information about the application process and the timeframe for the program start date. 

Please bookmark this page and come back to stay informed! 

What is Ral-E-Bike?

Ral-E-Bike is an incentive program for Raleigh residents to encourage the purchase and use of electric bicycles (e-bikes).  E-bikes have an electric motor that assists the rider in pedaling, making it possible to go farther, ride longer, and carry more on your bike. E-bikes can replace cars for most trips. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports Raleigh's Community Climate Action Plan! 

The Ral-E-Bike program will offer a point-of-sale voucher toward the purchase of an e-bike at participating local bike shops. All Raleigh residents will be eligible to apply for a $500 voucher and those with incomes of 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) or less will be eligible to apply for a $1500 voucher. 


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Ral-E-Bike program begin? 
We are planning to kick off the program in the Summer of 2024.  

Am I eligible for Ral-E-Bike?  
If you live in Raleigh and are 18 years old or older when the application opens, you will be eligible to receive a voucher. Voucher amounts will vary depending on income. 

How will I know when the application opens? 
Keep an eye on this webpage for updates.  We will also announce the application opening on the City of Raleigh's social media platforms.  

Is there a waiting list? 
No. The Ral-E-Bike application will be open for a set period and voucher recipients will be selected at random from the pool of applicants once the applications close. This process will give everyone enough time to gather and submit documentation and apply for a voucher.

Can I participate as an e-bike retailer? 
We're looking for local e-bike retailers to participate in the program. Please contact us to discuss the program in more detail. 

Are City of Raleigh employees eligible?

No. Unfortunately at this time City of Raleigh employees are not eligible to participate in the program.