Raleigh Water freeFILL Program

Fill your water bottle for FREE!

The Raleigh Water freeFILL program aims to promote the use of refillable water bottles among Raleigh residents and visitors. The program highlights locations around the city that will allow people to fill their water bottle for free.

Americans use about 50 billion disposable bottles every year. Of those, about 38 billion are not recycled properly. They end up in landfills, or worse, make their way to our streams, rivers and oceans. Using a reusable water bottle and filling it with Raleigh’s award-winning tap water can save a person hundreds of dollars every year, while replacing dozens of single-use bottles.

Using a reusable bottle is one small thing each of us can do.

How does it work?

Bring your bottle into the site and either fill it at a water station or water fountain, or have it filled by staff, during their normal business hours. It’s that easy!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You provide the bottle;
  • Bottles should be clean. Sites may refuse to refill visibly dirty bottles or vessels;
  • Bottles are for personal drinking water. Sites may also refuse to fill exceptionally large bottles;
  • Sorry, no sparkling water! Sites are offering free refills of Raleigh tap water.

Designated free fill locations:

Raleigh Parks Bottle Filling Stations
Raleigh Parks Community Centers

We are hoping to expand this program to include commercial locations. If you are interested in becoming a freeFILL site contact us.