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Can You Be as Sustainable as a Third Grader?

Levi offers simple steps you can take to live more sustainably

Levi, a passionate Raleigh third grader, knows exactly how he is preparing for the upcoming Earth Day – and he tries to live more sustainably all year long. Levi is partnering with the City of Raleigh on encouraging residents to try small actions that can improve sustainability – now and at any time.

“We have the power to make changes now that impact generations to come,” Levi muses. “I may be a kid, but I know my actions matter. And so do yours.” 

Can You Be as Sustainable as a Third Grader?

Simple Actions You Can Take

Using cleaner transportation, improving energy efficiency, and making Raleigh more walkable are goals the City is working towards. However, you don’t need to be a decision-maker – or even an adult – to do your part. 

Here are some actions that Levi and his family are taking – and you can do the same to change your habits and reduce your carbon footprint. 

  • Use public transportation or walk to your destination, if possible - find ways to reduce the need to drive. If you are running errands, try to see how much you can do in one shopping center. “In our family, we try to walk to run errands when they are close by and we know we don’t need to carry much home,” Levi says. Read more about Levi and sustainable transportation.
  • Plant a native plant - native plants help ecosystems absorb carbon and prevent floods. They help prevent run-off by soaking up rainwater.
  • Carry reusable bags – “We carry reusable cloth bags wherever we go. My mom keeps a small one in her purse and we keep them in our car,” Levi says.
  • Compost - you can get a compost bin from Wake County that uses a heat method (no worms necessary). “We’ve reduced our trash quite a bit this way and create compost to use in the yard,” Levi’s mother, Erin, explains.

We’ll cover a few of these actions in more detail in follow-up stories during April, so please keep an eye out for them. Also, the City of Raleigh is scheduled to hold a large Earth Day celebration on Friday, April 19, with live music, games, a movie and a variety of activities.

To learn more about the efforts the City is taking to increase sustainability, check out our Community Climate Action Plan

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