2020 Environmental Award Winners

Raleigh has a strong community of environmentalists. Our residents take action, share their knowledge and passion with others, and motivate change that makes our world better. This year, we're celebrating the achievements of our own environmental superstars! 

Raleigh's Environmental Award Winners! 

Every year during Earth Month the City of Raleigh celebrates people, organizations and businesses that protect our natural environment with the Raleigh Environmental Awards.  This year's winners come from all across the city. They are students, artists, local businesses, religious organizations and university staff. But each of them has one thing in common, they are using their skills, knowledge, and their resources to improve Raleigh's environment and preserve it for future generations. 

We are grateful for their contributions, and we celebrate the action each has taken to contribute to our community! 

Read about all of our our 2020 Environmental Award Winners

The Raleigh Environmental Stewardship Award for 2020 is presented to Julian Prosser, former Assistant City Manager. Julian's work for the City of Raleigh set the stage for many of the ambitious environmental programs and goals that we are currently pursuing. 


Trophy Beer and Pizza has made large investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Their rooftop solar installation and green roof is being recognized for its contributions to energy savings and renewable energy in the city. 

Oaks and Spokes is being recognized with the 2020 Climate Action Award for Transportation for their work on advocacy, outreach and education which promotes safe cycling in Raleigh.

Every Tray Counts has worked with Wake County Public Schools to transition to alternative trays for their cafeterias. Their work has eliminated 10 million styrofoam trays per year from our landfills! 

NC State University's Housekeeping Department has been recognized with a Green Seal Certification for its cleaning practices. They are the first university in NC to receive this certification and their commitment to green cleaning is being recognized with this year's Business Innovation for Environmental Stewardship Award! 

Joshua Pil organized more than half a dozen stream cleanup events at the Walnut Creek Wetland Center in the past year. His passion for nature inspires us! 

The St. Ambrose Episcopal Church Memorial Garden is recognized with this year's Community Action Award for Stormwater for its use of water quality features and native plantings. 

The Drinking Watershed Protection award goes to Durham Soil & Water Conservation District for the Southern School of Energy and Sustainability Stormwater BMP and Stream Restoration Project. The project included stormwater improvements and training for students. 

Joshua Crockett (left) and George Li (right) won this year's Capture It! Stormwater Arts Context for their video submission entitled "Stormwater, What Should We Do?" 

Storm drain cover art by student David Manyac named "Nature Depends on the Neuse" 

Carly Palmer (left) has created the collection, “Net Worth,” which raises awareness about the vast amounts of trash created through grocery items, such as fruit and vegetable net bags. 

Stan Joseph's costume "Tin Man" is  is the perfect example of reuse and shows a fun way to create a costume out of household items, like soda cans, dryer ducts, & plastic funnels! Fun fact: Stan is also the Director of Raleigh's Solid Waste Services Department! 

“Geometric Galore” from Trashion winner, Margaret Ann Andrewsshows the importance of textile recycling and reuse. The skirt is fabricated from a pair of jeans, and ruffle detail also originated from a pair of old jeans.

“Cardboard Mini Skirt” from  Isabell McInnis is sewn with fishing line, the project is an ode to our oceans, aiming to keep them safe and free of clutter.

“Midnight Masterpiece” from Trashion winners, Ava Norris and Alice Nguyen focuses on creative reuse, and also the issue of plastic bags in the recycle stream. 

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