Lighten Up, Raleigh

Lighten Up, Raleigh is a safety campaign that encourages bicyclists, bus riders and pedestrians to be visible while traveling in the dark. 

Bus riders, GoRaleigh drivers do not want to miss you in the dark! Make sure your driver sees you by using a flashlight, cell phone or reflective gear.

For those walking to get to work, exercising or grabbing a bite to eat, please stay safe while out after dark by wearing reflective gear, carrying a flashlight or wearing a light.   

Bicyclists riding after dark, NC General Statute § 20-129 (e) requires you use both of the following:

  1. a lighted lamp on the front on your bicycle visible from 300 feet in front of the bicycle, and 
  2. a lighted red lamp on the back of the bicycle visible from 300 feet behind* 

*reflective clothing visible from 300 feet behind the bicycle also meets this requirement

There are a lot of options and creative ways to stay safe and visible while out in the dark. Commute Smart Raleigh is further promoting these suggested safety ideas by giving out free flashlights, bikes lights and reflective gear at the GoRaleigh Station information booth beginning November 2, 2020 – Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. – while supplies last.   

Lighten Up, Raleigh

When Daylight Saving Time ends, most people's commutes to and from work get a lot darker. At the City of Raleigh, we want to help you be seen while riding your bike, walking or waiting for the bus!



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Commute Smart Consultant

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