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2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts

A Program of Raleigh Arts

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Watch the Awards Ceremony About the Awardees

The 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardees were selected by the City of Raleigh Arts Commission, with six of the eight award categories represented.

Watch the Awards Ceremony

Hosted by Rissi Palmer at Theatre in the Park on October 20, 2022, the awards ceremony honored the awardees and included performances by Raleigh Little Theatre's Teens on Stage, The Veldt, and a reading from North Carolina Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green.

Watch the 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awards below:

2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awards

About the Awardees

Alluvial Decoder by A Gang of Three

Award Category

Public Art & Creative Placemaking
Enhance the vitality of Raleigh's neighborhoods and districts through public art and/or thoughtful creative placemaking

Project Information & Biography

A biker whizzes by the Alluvial Decoder Floodplain educational mural that is the name of significant storms spelled out using nautical flags
Alluvial Decoder

Alluvial Decoder is a site-specific education installation on the City of Raleigh’s greenway trail along the banks of Crabtree Creek that was commissioned by Raleigh Stormwater to raise awareness about the area’s floodplain.  The project, which consists of several components including a mural, creative placemaking, and educational markers, is an excellent example of how public art and creative placemaking can educate the community and invite conversation surrounding critical issues.

Headshots of members of the artist/designer group "A Gang of Three"
A Gang of Three: William H. Dodge, Lincoln Hancock, and Will Belcher

With a shared ethos and desire to better humanity through art and design, we focus on research-based, community-engaged, site-specific placemaking and public art projects that embrace their own unique living history through urban landscape, mixed media and performance.

Linda Dallas

Award Categories

Belonging in the Arts
Leadership in ensuring equity, access, and inclusion 

Leadership in the Arts
Enhance arts leadership and governance through work in the arts and cultural sector


A headshot of 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee Linda Dallas

Linda Dallas is an artist, educator, curator, community leader, and organizer. She is the driving force behind the Envision Saint Agnes Hospital events and exhibition, a project to bring attention to the historical hospital landmark on the St. Augustine campus, where she is a professor of art. She is an active curator, partnering with VAE Raleigh, the Black on Black Project, and St. Augustine for exhibitions and programs that amplify black artists.

Linda believes that art is for everyone, thus she sees every member of our community as having an invitation to any space where art is discussed, and decisions are made.

Paul Friedrich

Award Category

Community Arts
Projects, individuals, and/or organizations that enhance and promote an active arts and cultural life throughout the community and bring art to new audiences in non-traditional, community formats


A head shot of 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts Awardee Paul Friedrich

Paul Friedrich is “Raleigh’s Pop Icon” for his instantly recognizable pop art paintings, cartoons, and illustrations. His works feature a diverse collection of lovable monsters, robots, creatures, kids, cowboys, and muscle cars all in bright colors, bold lines, and a distinctive sense of humor. By crossing various mediums, Paul’s art gives him a reach that sets him apart from many others working in the arts.  

In addition to his work as an artist, Paul instigated ideas and created several community events and media programs, providing much-needed professional opportunities for Raleigh’s artists and creative class. These events included the launch of SPARKcon in 2006, one of the South's largest and most unique creative conferences and festivals.

June Guralnick

Award Category

Leadership in the Arts
Enhance arts leadership and governance through work in the arts and cultural sector


A headshot of 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee June Guralnick

June Guralnick is an award-winning playwright, innovative community artist, teacher, and forward-leading arts administrator who has spent decades developing far-ranging opportunities for artists as well as expanding access to the arts.

June is the author of fifteen full-length and one-act plays, which have been performed at prominent theatres around the country (including the Kennedy Center) as well as in Raleigh. In Wake County, she has worked with grassroots cultural organizations, provided leadership to arts groups, developed new creative opportunities for our artists and inspired military veterans to explore their lives through writing. She worked relentlessly to provide opportunities for Raleigh’s residents to make - and experience art through her roles with the North Carolina Arts Council, The City of Raleigh Arts Commission, NC State University and Guilford College.  

S.T.A.R. Special Theatre Arts of Raleigh

Award Category

Youth Arts
Projects, individuals, and organizations that expand youth arts participation

About the Organization

A group shot of participants of Special Theatre Arts of Raleigh, a 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee

S.T.A.R. (Special Theatre Arts of Raleigh) is a non-profit that was formed in 2000 to raise awareness of the abilities of youth with disabilities and to ensure there are opportunities for all youth to participate in theatre arts. 

At S.T.A.R., all major roles, as well as supporting roles, are performed by actors with disabilities. The productions are designed to be universally accessible for the actors, crew, and audience. A significant part of the experience for these actors is the incorporation of youth talent from the general community and area public schools. These students, who do not have disabilities, rehearse, and perform with the members of the S.T.A.R. cast, assisting with physical movement, helping with remembering lines and cues and aiding transitions between scenes and between groups. By including both individuals who have disabilities as well as those who do not, S.T.A.R.’s collaborative art productions enhance the quality of life of all of the participants.

The Veldt

Award Category

Creativity & Innovation
Exemplary and highly creative artists, arts, and cultural organizations

About the Band

A photo of Daniel and Danny Chavis of The Veldt, a 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee

The Veldt is a one-of-a-kind, Black-led band that over four decades has produced a remarkable and influential body of work that changed and bettered pop music not only in Raleigh but around the world. Led by twin brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis raised in southeast Raleigh, The Veldt are pioneers of rare passion, stamina, and individuality. 

By defiantly staying true to themselves, the Veldt expanded Raleigh's musical world to make room for other mavericks and iconoclasts.  The brothers are creating new music and expanding their latest project -- a psychedelic pop-up showcase called The Noir Bizarre focused on Black artists of all kinds.

Patrick Torres

Award Category

Belonging in the Arts
Leadership in ensuring equity, access, and inclusion 


Headshot of 2022 Raleigh Medal of Arts awardee Patrick Torres

Patrick Torres is the Artistic Director of Raleigh Little Theatre (RLT) and has been a professional director and educator for 17 years. Since coming to Raleigh in 2014, Patrick has made significant contributions to RLT and the entire Triangle theatre community. These contributions focused on creating more inclusive and welcoming spaces in theatre, as well as raising up stories about experiences and cultures that are underrepresented. Patrick has been steadfast in his drive to create educational opportunities that prioritize BIPOC and LGBTQIIA+ communities.  

RLT and the entire Triangle theatre community look different and are better places because of the hard work, care, thoughtfulness, and talent of Patrick Torres.



Belva Parker
Arts Program Director 

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
Service Categories:
Raleigh Arts
Board, Commission or Committee:
Arts Commission



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