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We've gathered a variety of maps produced by the City and made them available here for download. The maps are print ready and many come in multiple sizes.

View our map gallery below: 

City Limit Maps

These maps depict the current Raleigh City Limits as well as the Planning Jurisdiction (ETJ).

Visit interactive City Limit map

Published August, 2019

Download 8 1/2" x 11" City Limit map

Download 11" x 17" City Limit map

Download 36" x 36" City Limit map

Leaf Collection Zones

This map shows the leaf collection zones, or areas, of the City. The map is used to communicate leaf collection information to the public so they can prepare for leaf pick-up during the fall and winter.

Learn more about loose leaf collection

Visit interactive Leaf Collection status map

Published August, 2019

Download 8 1/2" x 11" Leaf Collection Zones map

Zoning Maps

Learn more about Raleigh zoning

Visit interactive Zoning map

To determine the current zoning for a specific property, please use the iMAPS application.

Published August, 2019

Download 36" x 48" Zoning map


These maps are a graphic representation and should only be used for illustrative purposes. In no way should this map be used for exact locations.