A new stormwater pipes that goes under Galahad Drive

Maintaining the Stormwater System 

A shared responsibility  on public and private property


There are 2,500 miles of stormwater pipes and streams in Raleigh. These natural and engineered infrastructure make up the stormwater system. They work together to help prevent water pollution and reduce hazardous flooding. 

We maintain the system on public streets and property. Homeowners are responsible for stormwater pipes and streams on their private property.   

Maintenance Tips

Follow these tips to protect the stormwater system:  

  • Remove branches from streams and pipes to prevent clogs.   
  • Don’t mow to the stream’s edge. Keep this area planted and the grass long. Having a buffer of long grass helps protect the stream.
  • Don’t litter - put trash in the garbage and recycle. 
  • Dispose of yard waste. Don't put leaves or grass clippings near stormwater pipes or streams. 

Report a Clogged Storm Drain

Is there a clogged stormwater pipe or drain on a public street in your neighborhood? Let us know. 

Contact our Stormwater team  at 919-996-6446.

See what we inspect before a storm




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