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Advancing Use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Bringing more green, eco-friendly features to Raleigh

We are taking steps to bring more green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) projects to Raleigh. These projects will help reduce water pollution to Crabtree Creek and Walnut Creek. Types of GSI include rain gardens/bioretention areas, cisterns, permeable pavement, green roofs, pavement removal, and more.

Here's an overview of the six items we'll focus on to advance how we use this type of infrastructure across the city. 

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Action Plan

1. Lead by Example

Change policy so that we can include more green infrastructure with City projects in a cost-effective way. This will help show the benefit of and encourage others to use green infrastructure on private development. 

2. Provide Support and Incentives to Private Developers

Have a GSI advocate coordinate with private developers. The advocate will put together stakeholder groups. They will also explore different incentives for using green infrastructure with projects. 

3. Develop Conditions for Rezoning Cases

Develop examples of GSI-based conditions for rezoning applicants. This includes making sure City staff are more involved with rezoning cases. Staff can also help identify opportunities to include green infrastructure with development projects.  

4. Include GSI in City’s Planning Reports

Form a City workgroup to develop a framework that'll incorporate green stormwater infrastructure in City plans.

5. Develop/Propose GSI UDO Text Changes

The stakeholder group will explore incentives for those who use GSI on development projects. The group also will work with City staff to propose additional text changes in the Unified Development Ordinance to support the use of green infrastructure with development projects. 

6. Build a Program for Maintaining City-owned GSI

Develop funding and management systems to maintain functional and attractive City-owned GSI practices.


In August 2019, City Council requested the Stormwater Management Advisory Commission help develop a GSI plan. 

The Commission and City staff worked together to develop the plan, which was approved in July 2021. Other partners include the North Carolina  Coastal Federation with support from the The Pew Charitable Trust. 



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