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2018 Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy How Can You Prevent Gun Violence? Report a Crime or Tip

Firearm-related violence has risen to the forefront of many conversations, school policies and various national platforms. Yet, we continue to see the single incidents and mass events alike devastate our communities, neighborhoods and families within our cities and throughout the country.

The collaboration of various facets of the community is and will continue to be an essential component needed to impact change to address the gun-related crime that plagues many communities. Collective data supports the Raleigh Police Department’s need to proactively respond to an innovative approach to reducing firearm related crime in the City of Raleigh. 

It's Up to Me to Stop Gun Violence

2018 Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy

As an Intelligence-Led Police Department, the Raleigh Police Department sees the importance of an analytical application to addressing our firearm-related crime.  In evaluating this trending data, the assessment led us to the development of the 2018 Firearm Violence Reduction Strategy. The Strategy is premised on three fundamental pillars necessary to support our overall objective, which is to reduce firearm violence:

1.    Training to Ensure Safe and Engaged Officers;
2.    Engaging and Partnering with the Community; and
3.    RPD Intelligence-led Policing

This strategy will lay out the specifics of each pillar along with goals and key objectives.

Life of a Stolen Gun

How Can You Prevent Gun Violence?

How Can You Help RPD?

Report a Crime or Tip

By reporting crimes that occur in your community you can help the police and the judicial system combat crime. It is critical that the police have as much information as possible about the crimes that are committed in our city by helping to generate vital information that can be utilized to solve the crime you reported, solve crimes that may be related, conduct investigations, and build cases against criminals. Please visit our Report a Crime or Tip page for more information.




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