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Key Dates 2020 RSYEP Process Types of Jobs Required Documents Frequently Asked Questions Life Skills, A-Game Certification and Mentoring

The Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program helps teens between the ages of 15 and 18 to develop their skills and prepare for future employment by spending the summer working for the City of Raleigh.

Key Dates

  • Online Application Process is over for 2020 
  • Hiring Notification Emails: Mid-May
  • Mandatory Orientation: June 12
  • Work Dates: June 15 through August 14

About the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program

An overview of the Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program including age and residency requirements. 

2020 RSYEP Process

The Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program provides job opportunities to teens ages between the ages of 15 and 18 who live within the Raleigh city limits. Those selected will work 20 to 30 hours a week as office staff, light laborers, and recreation support staff. The program runs from June through August and pay is $8.25 per hour.

The program provides not only work experience but also life skills training and mentoring by local lawyers, law enforcement officers, and other professionals. Teens in the program attend workshops on topics such as employment readiness, work ethic development, communication, budgeting, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

To be eligible, a teen must live within the City limits of Raleigh and be at least 15 and no older than 18 as of May 31, 2020. To prove age and residency, applicants must submit a clear photocopy (on a sheet of copy paper) of a North Carolina driver’s license, learner’s permit or North Carolina state identification card (copiers will NOT be available at the interview sites). Documentation must be provided at the time of interview. School identification cards will NOT be accepted. The correct online application must be completed and submitted before an eligible applicant can be interviewed. 

***The application for the 2020 Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program is currently closed. Current applicants check your email for next steps.***

    Types of Jobs

    Raleigh Summer Youth Employee working at the Water Treatment Plant Laboratory.

    Raleigh Summer Youth Employee working at the Water Treatment Plant Laboratory.

    Teens accepted for the program work 20 to 30 hours a week and earn $8.25 an hour. Summer youth jobs fall into these categories:

    Office staffers file, fax, copy, answer telephones, perform data entry, and deal with the public. Office personnel are expected to dress in a professional manner as specified by the employing department. Typing and computer skills are required.

    Light Labor 
    Participants work in landscaping, street cleanup, warehousing, athletic field preparation, fleet services (detailing cars, washing bay areas, etc.), paint crew, and general maintenance.

    Recreation Support Staff
    Junior counselors interact with the campers and assist senior counselors with games, crafts, and other camp activities. Staff assistants provide support to recreation office and community center staff. Activities are held indoors and outdoors.

    Required Documents

    You must bring a clear unexpired photo copy (on a full sheet of copy paper) of one of these documents or you will not be interviewed. Copiers are NOT available at the interview sites.

    1. North Carolina driver's license,
    2. North Carolina learner's permit, OR
    3. North Carolina state issued identification card.

    NO school identification cards will be accepted.
    Passports and Birth Certificates will NOT be accept

    Raleigh Summer Youth Worker helping campers at lunch.

    Raleigh Summer Youth Worker helping campers at lunch. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is this program only for residents of the City of Raleigh?
    This program is only offered to Raleigh residents because it is funded by the City of Raleigh taxpayers.

    What ages are eligible to participate in the program?
    If you are 15, 16, 17, or 18 years old on or before May 31, 2020 you are eligible.
    If you turn 15 on or after June 1, 2020 you are not eligible.
    If you turn 19 on or before May 31, 2020 you are not eligible.

    Is preference given to the earlier applicants?
    No. All applicants are reviewed after all interviews have been conducted.

    What is the difference between Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program job posting and the other jobs posted on the City of Raleigh’s website?
    The Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program only has one job posting where we will pull applicants for the various positions offered. Please make sure you apply for the position titled "Raleigh Summer Youth Employment Program (Youth Employment Participant)"

    Will my parent/guardian need to be present for the interview?

    Does the date and location of where I interview determine my work location and position?
    No. All applicants will be asked during the interview process of their preferred location and position.

    Why do I need a photocopy of official State of North Carolina issued identification with a photo?
    This helps us confirm that the correct participant is a City of Raleigh resident and of proper age.

    Will I be interviewed if I do not have a photocopy of the required identification?
    No. You will be asked to provide a photocopy (on copy paper) and return to the interview site or attend another session. They will not make copies for you at the interview sites.

    If hired, where will I work?
    Employees are assigned to work with one of the City of Raleigh Departments.

    If hired, how many hours will I work?
    Employees will work 20, 25 or 30 hours per week (4-6 hours per day).

    Does this program provide transportation to and from work?

    Raleigh Summer Youth Employee working at Raleigh Police Department Vehicle Fleet Services.

    Raleigh Summer Youth Employee working at Raleigh Police Department Vehicle Fleet Services.

    Life Skills, A-Game Certification and Mentoring

    Many summer youth employees also participate in Life Skills Development workshops throughout the year. The workshops help young people develop leadership characteristics and other skills. The sessions cover such topics as employment readiness, communication, budgeting, decision-making and conflict resolution.

    Summer Youth workers are also trained and certified in the seven principles of "Bring Your A-Game to Work", a national work ethic proficiency curriculum.

    In addition, summer youth employees participate in Lunch with a Professional. The mentoring program is sponsored by the Wake County Bar Association and the Raleigh Police Department. Summer youth employees have lunch with local lawyers, judges and other law enforcement personnel. The professionals serve as adult mentors, providing guidance and advice to the young people as they consider their future careers.

    Through the RSYEP program, I have developed great communication skills that have helped me become a reliable employee. This program is a great tool for any young person looking for a good work experience!

    Garian D., 2014-2015 Program Participant

    For the past two summers I have been a worker for the Raleigh Summer Youth Employee Program. I loved this job program because I was able to gain so much knowledge and experience within workforce that I would not be able to gain anywhere else. It provided me the opportunity to enhance my professionalism as well as building networking contacts throughout the city!

    Zoe B., 2018-2019 Program Participant



    Rebekah A. Dixon, M.Ed
    Youth Employment Program Manager


    Lead Department:
    Housing and Neighborhoods
    Service Categories:
    Community Engagement

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