What is a Violation?

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What is a Violation?

What is a Violation?

A violation has occurred when a car enters the intersection, crossing the stop bar, after the traffic signal has turned red. (N.C. General Statute § 20-158)

Two pictures are taken of the vehicle.

  1. One of the rear of the vehicle before it enters the intersection with the traffic signal showing the red light. This will show city officials that the signal was red before the vehicle entered the intersection.
  2. One picture of the vehicle in the intersection with the red traffic signal. This will show City officials that the vehicle continued into the intersection and did not try to stop just past the stop bar.

A photo will not be taken if the traffic signal turns red after the vehicle is past the stop bar or if the vehicle gets stopped in the middle of the intersection.

Occurrences that are not considered violations:

  • Being directed through the intersection by a uniformed officer or emergency worker
  • Moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle
  • In a funeral procession



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