Certification of Compliance

Express and standard reviews for new construction, alterations, additions, change of use and fit ups

For a water customer to be considered in compliance, all domestic, irrigation, and fire services to your facility or residence are required to be contained with an approved backflow assembly. This is achieved by a dual check device on the meter yoke for residential customers who do not have an irrigation and/or fire sprinkler system. For those customers who have a commercial water account or irrigation and/or fire sprinkler system, an approved backflow assembly is required according to the hazard.

Schedule an Express or Standard Review

If you wish to schedule either an Express or Standard Review, all water services must be verified to have proper backflow protection prior to submitting building plans.

  1. This verification process begins when you submit a Certificate of Compliance application to the Cross Connection office.
  2. Upon receipt of a completed application and verification that your facility is contained with the proper backflows, you will receive a letter granting a Certificate of Compliance.
  3. This approval letter must be digitally affixed when submitting plans for review with the City of Raleigh’s Development Services Department. A Certificate of Compliance will be valid until the next scheduled test due date.
  4. Completed applications may be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the Cross Connection Office. Completed forms will be processed within fifteen (15) business days.

Application Forms

How to Submit

Please submit a completed application and pdf copy of plans showing the location of all water meters (domestic & irrigation)/location of containment assembly(ies) and fire service line(s)/location of containment assembly(ies) to the Cross Connection Program: