Recycling Cardboard

We accept most kinds of cardboard for recycling. 


Corrugated cardboard (shipping-type boxes) are recyclable. How to prepare the cardboard:

  1. Flatten completely.
  2. Remove all packing material, including any glued-on foam liners.
  3. Reduce to pieces no larger than 3' x 3' in size.
    The reason for this limitation is that is the size of the opening on some recycling trucks and for residents now using carts, so that the cardboard does not become stuck in the cart.

Note: Cardboard that is not prepared according to these guidelines will not be collected.


All flattened cardboard must fit inside the cart. Only materials inside the cart will be collected as carts are serviced by a fully automated system and the driver does not get out of the truck.

If you have a lot of cardboard, and do not want to reduce it to 3' x 3' pieces, you can remove packing materials, flatten it and take it to one of the City's drop off recycling centers.

Not Accepted 

Heavily waxed boxes 


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