GoRaleigh Access Service and Software Updates

GoRaleigh Access provides transportation service to Raleigh’s eligible seniors and people with disabilities. Local taxi companies help perform as many as 1,500 trips daily to registered passengers. 

On August 1, GoRaleigh Access began using a new software. This caused unexpected challenges for drivers and passengers. The GoRaleigh team continues to improve the system. More details are below. 

Current Updates/Improvements

  • Reservation processing times have returned to normal as of August 17. 
  • Trip volumes have stabilized. 
  • Passengers can now choose their taxi provider.  
  • Call center wait times are shorter. 
  • Missed trips have been reduced. 

Staff continues to coordinate with taxi providers and passengers on the changes. With the volume of trips, we do follow specific procedures. We will update this page as needed. 



Sean Abrams

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