Bicycle Safety Curriculum

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Bicycle Safety Curriculum

Bicycle Safety Curriculum

The Bicycle Safety Activity Kit, developed by the NHTSA, to provide parents, caregivers, teachers, and community leaders with the tools to learn the basics about bicycle safety.

Cycling Skills Clinic: A step-by-step approach to planning and initiating a bicycle safety skills event, including instructions and resources for setting up a course and conducting it to meet the needs of all the children participating.

Bikeability Checklist Student, Parent & Teacher survey for evaluating bikeability in and around your school.

Fitting a Bicycle Helmet: Correct helmet fit for all ages

Helmet Demonstration (Kindergarten-3rd Grade)
Helmet Demonstration (Grades 3-8)
Helmet Demonstration (Grades 7-12)

ABC Quick Check Bicycle maintenance tips

Bicycle Adventures is a hands-on series available through the National 4-H Curriculum

League of American Bicyclists Safe Routes program focuses on bringing training to middle school students inside and outside the classroom.



Barbara Godwin
Bicycle & Pedestrian Program Manager

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