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Traffic Calming Project Statistics: Registry of Completed Projects

The City of Raleigh is committed to promoting safe and vibrant neighborhoods throughout all of Raleigh’s neighborhoods.  Vehicular speed compliance is a major factor in determining the quality of life along neighborhood streets.  Identifying streets with speed compliance issues and addressing them through traffic calming projects is one way the city can positively impact a neighborhood’s qualify of life.

Traffic Calming Project Statistics:

Every neighborhood street in Raleigh is unique and has its own set of unique needs.  When speed compliance issues are identified, city staff works with the surrounding neighborhood to design a traffic calming project to fit their unique street’s need based on the issues identified.  Projects are designed to encourage drivers to drive the speed limit with project designs guided by the severity of the speed compliance issue present. 

Across all completed projects, traffic calmed streets see typical driver speeds within 1 mph of the posted speed limit with an average reduction of driver speeds of 8.4 mph. 

  • Completed Projects: 68 projects have currently been completed along 41.36 miles of Raleigh’s neighborhood streets
  • Projects Approved for Construction: 15 projects are approved for construction in 2023/2024 along 10.38 miles of Raleigh’s neighborhood streets  
  • Projects Under Design and Neighborhood Review: 20 projects are currently under design and being reviewed by the surrounding neighborhoods along 12.2 miles of Raleigh’s neighborhood streets with construction expected to begin in 2024
  • Future Projects: The City of Raleigh is committed to resolving speed compliance issues along neighborhood streets and will work to coordinate with neighborhoods and implement up to 20 projects each cycle as we move towards speed compliant neighborhood streets citywide.

Registry of Completed Projects

To evaluate project effectiveness, pre and post project evaluations are performed and compared. 
Driver speed is measured against the posted speed limit to gauge the effectiveness of the project once it has been in place for approximately 6-months.  Vehicular volumes are also measured to determine the impact on “cut-through” vs “local” traffic amounts.

Driver speeds are evaluated using the 85th percentile speed, which is an industry standard.  This means that the speeds quoted represents the speed at which 85% of drivers are driving at or under.  To put this another way, only 15% of drivers are driving faster than the speed quoted.

Click the Completed Projects Registry to view a list of all completed projects as well as a comparison of the Pre and Post Project evaluations.

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