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Separated Bike Lane Projects

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

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S. State Street Faircloth Road West Street Completed Projects

S. State Street

S. State Street, between Peterson Street and Bunche Drive, is being considered for a two-way cycle track on the east side along the Raleigh Correction Center property.

Flexible delineators and green intersection markings would connect the Biltmore Hills neighborhood and destinations south of I-40 with the Walnut Creek and House Creek greenways as well as downtown Raleigh. 

Stop signs on State Street at Peterson Street and at Bunche Drive are part of the proposed project. By narrowing the travel lane and installing stop signs, traffic speeds could be reduced. 

Installation of this facility is not scheduled at this time although it remains a priority project in the 2016 BikeRaleigh Plan Update. 

S. State Street Project Page

Faircloth Road

Faircloth Road, between Wade Avenue and Clark Avenue/Hillsborough Street, is being considered for a two-way cycle track on the west side along the Meredith College property. Flexible delineators and green intersection markings would mark the cycle track to connect with the Gorman Street Connector/Rocky Branch Greenway to the Reedy Creek Greenway. This would replace the existing, conventional bike lanes. 

The Faircloth Road project is still in the Design phase with construction estimated to be completion this summer.

In Design, Let Winter 2022, Construct Summer 2022

West Street

West Street, between North Street and Peace Street, is being considered for a two-way cycle track.

Flexible delineators and green intersection markings would created a separated bike facility that would connect the pedestrian underpass at Wade Avenue to the one-way separated bike lanes on West and Harrington Streets. 

This separated bike lane along West Street would allow residents to cycle from Five Points to downtown Raleigh and would strengthen Raleigh’s bike network and help to create a sustainable city. The needs of the cycling community must be balanced against the needs of local businesses and residents. With this realization and to match the 2016 BikeRaleigh Plan Update, parking on the east side of West Street may be removed for this project and cyclists would be required to share a bike lane going in two directions. 

The impact on parking is still being evaluated.

Completed Projects

In 2020, the City improved safety by installing flexible delineators to Crabtree Boulevard, and sections of Morgan Street and Lineberry Drive.

  • Morgan Street, between Dawson Street and New Bern Avenue, had flexible delineators and green intersection markings installed.
  • Lineberry Drive has new bicycle lanes between Sierra Drive and Trailwood Drive. The new bike lanes include flexible delineators and green intersection markings.
  • Crabtree Boulevard has separated bike lanes with flexible bollards between N. Raleigh Boulevard and Capital Boulevard. There is also green intersection markings along the corridor.

The contractor for all three projects was NPS Solutions, LLC.

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