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City Upgrades Downtown Parking Decks

The City of Raleigh continues to enhance the parking experience at nine of its downtown parking decks. The Raleigh Municipal Building upgrades were completed in June. And the Moore Square parking deck upgrades went live on Tuesday, August 8. 

Motorists will still be able to use the parking decks throughout the project work and all nine parking deck upgrades are expected to be completed by summer 2024.

“The enhancements will transition the City-owned parking decks into a modern and connected operation that is poised to provide a high level of customer service in the post-pandemic environment of hybrid workplaces and employee flexibility,” said Parking Manager Matthew Currier. "These options will increase the speed at which customers are able to leave the deck and reduce frustration for customers waiting in line at exit."

What are some of the upgrade features?

  • Fully automated with parking ambassadors available at each deck to assist customers
  • Expedited entry and exit
  • Live 24/7 support
  • Multiple languages and payment types
  • Large, color ADA compliant screens

The new equipment, provided by Skidata, Inc., offers features designed to improve the overall easy-in, easy out experience for parkers. SkiData provides similar equipment to several parking decks in downtown Raleigh already as well as the RDU International Airport.

Will I be impacted by the construction updates?

Although there will be minor impacts during the construction phase of this project, parking will remain available during the project. We’ll be providing updates as necessary to keep you informed of any changes. 

What can I expect when parking?

Hourly/daily customers will obtain a ticket from the entrance kiosk and the parking gate will open allowing entrance. Be sure to take the ticket with you in order to pay at the pay on foot station or via mobile phone prior to exiting to allow for a quicker and smoother exit.

How will I pay with the new system?

Hourly/daily customers will have several options for payment including paying via smartphone, with cash or credit cards at pay on foot stations or at the exit gates via credit cards only. The system will allow for a touchless and expeditious exit without stopping to scan their ticket if payment is made prior to driving to the exit gates.

The system will recognize monthly permit holders upon entrance and let them enter and exit the deck without having to interact with the parking equipment. However, monthly permit holders will receive a backup access card in the event the system is unable to recognize them upon entrance.

As installations are completed, Raleigh Parking ambassadors will be on hand to walk people through the new process and answer questions for 30 days post installation. For more information, please visit The Car Park.

Pay at Exit

How to pay for parking when exiting parking deck.

Pay at Kiosk

How to pay at parking deck kiosk.

Pay by Phone

How to pay for parking deck parking by phone.

Monthly Parkers Exit

How monthly parking deck parkers exit.



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