Aerial view of New Bern Ave.

City Approves Transit-Oriented Growth Along New Bern Avenue

Changes support Raleigh's Comprehensive Plan

Update, posted 5/7/24

On May 7, 2024, the Raleigh City Council once again considered the New Bern Station Area Planning rezoning request. At this meeting, Council considered the “Eastern Station Area” and “Middle 2 Station Area” sections of the request. They took the following actions: 

  • Applied the TOD to 4000 New Bern Avenue 
  • Applied the base zoning districts for the Eastern Station Area properties (generally along New Bern Avenue and east of I-440) as proposed by staff but limited the tallest building heights to 5 stories rather than 7 stories. 
  • Considered public requests to be included or excluded from the TOD: 
    • Applied the TOD to 101 N. Peartree Lane, 2120 New Bern Avenue, and 2331 New Bern Avenue 
    • Denied the request to apply the TOD to 122 Clarendon Crescent 
  • Considered certain properties within the King Charles Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD): 
    • Applied the TOD to properties fronting New Bern Avenue and removed the King Charles Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District (NCOD) 
    • Excluded properties not fronting along New Bern Avenue; these retain the King Charles NCOD  
    • Applied the base zoning district changes and recommended heights as proposed by staff, but only to the properties where the TOD was applied 
  • Authorized a text change to the Green Plus frontage to expand permitted building typesto include single family detached houses 

 City Council asked for the “Middle 1 Station Area” to come back for discussion at the June 4 meeting. The “Western Station Area” will be discussed at a later date. 

Update, posted 4/9/24

On Tuesday April 9, City Council took their work session on the road to tour the New Bern Avenue corridor via a GoRaleigh bus. More information on the tour, including a video summary, is available on our website

Update, posted 4/2/24

During the April 2 City Council meeting, Council rezoned the following sites as they continue the rezoning process along the New Bern Avenue corridor:

  • State Employees’ Credit Union – 1575 & 1595 Corporation Parkway from R-10 w/TOD and CX-3-PK-CU w/TOD to CX-3 w/TOD.
  • Lake Haven – 3700 Lake Woodard Drive from CX-3 w/TOD to CX-7 w/TOD.
  • Duplex Village – 1900 & 2000 Hawkins Street from R-10 w/TOD to RX-5 w/TOD.
  • Washington Terrace – 401 Elders Grove Way from RX-3 w/TOD to RX-5 w/TOD.
  • Southeast Raleigh Promise Small-scale Sites:
    • 902 Edenton Street from NX-3-GR w/NCOD to NX-4 w/TOD.
    • 911 Edenton Street from RX-3 w/NCOD to RX-3 w/TOD.
  • Lincoln Park (west) – New Bern Avenue, Poole Road, Raleigh Boulevard from NX-3 w/TOD to NX-4 /TOD.
  • Lincoln Park (east) – New Bern Avenue, Poole Road, Raleigh Boulevard from RX-3 w/TOD to RX-4 /TOD.
  • Grayson Homes - 574 New Bern Avenue, 16 & 18 S. Swain Street: from OX-3 w/TOD and OX-3-GR w/NCOD to OX-5 w/TOD.

Update, posted 3/5/24

On March 5, 2024 City Council closed the public hearing and took the following actions on rezoning request Z-92-22:

  • Applied the Transit Overlay District (TOD) as recommended by Planning Commission’s Committee of the Whole, except for:
    • Properties within an existing NCOD.
    • State-owned property.
    • Properties with a submitted public request for removal from the rezoning.
  • Rezoned 600 New Bern Avenue and 17 S. Swain Street from NX-3 GR w/NCOD and NX-3 w/NCOD to NX-5 w/TOD.
  • Rezoned Zak’s Gas 76:
    • 1069 New Bern Avenue from CX-3-UL to CX-5.
    • 1611, 1617 & 1619 New Bern Avenue from NX-3-UL to NX-5.
    • 1701, 1705, 1707, 1711 & 1721 Boyer Street; 103, 105, 107 & 111 Waldrop Street from R-10 and RX-3 to RX-5.
  • Rezoned Duplex Village (1902, 1928, 1932 & 1936 New Bern Avenue; 118, 120 & 122 Russ Street; 1921 & 1925 Hawkins Street) from R-10 to RX-5 and RX-5-GP.

City Council will continue discussing Z-92-22 on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, beginning at 1 p.m. in the Council Chambers.

Original Article, posted 2/2/24

Raleigh City Council acted Tuesday night to formalize a vision for the places around the New Bern Avenue corridor and other planned Bus Rapid Transit routes. The action made several amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which sets out policies and guidelines for development across the City.

The intent of the amendments (CP-7-22) is to support growth around transit projects that in turn supports transit. They aim to improve things like sustainability by reducing cars on the road and, as a result, greenhouse gasses. They institute new or leverage existing programs to reduce neighborhood displacement and increase housing affordability.  

The changes were one of two items on the City Council agenda Tuesday night. The Council deferred action on a related rezoning case until March 5. The case, Z-92-22, proposes rezoning 744 properties along New Bern Avenue covering 726 acres to also support new transit investments. Council asked staff to report back with options to consider the rezoning request in several phases.

The public hearing remains open for the March 5 evening meeting.



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