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Scooter Parking Corrals- Glenwood South Pilot

The City of Raleigh, in partnership with scooter operators Bolt, Lime, and Spin, is piloting the City’s first dedicated scooter parking infrastructure. Thirteen scooter parking corrals have been installed on Glenwood Avenue between Hillsborough Street and W Johnson Street. Please see the Scooter Parking Map to learn more about where these scooter parking corrals will be located. 

How Do Scooter Parking Corrals Work

  • When ending a scooter trip on Glenwood Avenue between W Johnson Street and Hillsborough Street, users should only end their trip in a scooter parking corral.
  • Scooter users who end their trip outside of a parking corral on Glenwood Avenue will be charged by the operator until their trip is ended in a permitted space.
  • Verify that you are ending your trip correctly through the map on the scooter app.
  • Check Bolt, Lime, and Spin apps for information on incentives and rewards for correctly ending trips in these scooter parking corrals. 

New Speed Zones

Scooter vehicle speeds will be reduced from 20 mph to 10 mph on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7:00 PM - 4:00 AM.
Speed reductions will be effective between Peace Street, Boylan Avenue, Hillsborough Street, and West Street.

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