Raleigh goSmart project collecting traffic data. 

Raleigh goSmart project collecting traffic data. 

Raleigh IT and Transportation project finalist for award

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The City of Raleigh’s Information Technology and Transportation departments’ project Raleigh Traffic goSmart has been named a finalist for IDC Government Insights’ Sixth Annual Smart Cities North America Awards in the Transportation Infrastructure category. Thank you to those who casted a vote for us!

Raleigh Traffic goSmart Project

Raleigh residents identified traffic as a top community concern, and the Traffic goSmart project provides data to assist in addressing this concern as it leverages computer vision technology to turn traffic camera video into analytical data. This data can then be used to make tactical traffic decisions. The City’s IT department worked with City Transportation, using existing traffic cameras at various intersections as part of an overall investment in traffic management. Using the constant video feed of the camera, the AI technology was trained to count and track turning movements of vehicles in specific areas. In addition to traffic movements, the technology can be trained to count and track other intersection components such as bicycles and pedestrians. The data can help reduce operational costs, allow the City to be more agile in responding to traffic needs, and help improve safety. The AI pilot solution is not time-bound and increases the data available to staff when evaluating concerns or troubleshooting traffic-related problems.

Winners will be honored at Smart Cities Connect, scheduled for May 16-18 in Denver, Colo. IDC Government Insights works with governments to digitally transform and provide better quality services to residents while improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery of government programs and services.

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