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Introductory Meetings and Eligible Streets

Introduction to Traffic Calming

This presentation introduces a neighborhood to the various traffic calming treatments available to and outlines the neighborhood engagement and design process.

Introductory Meetings and Eligible Streets

The Introductory Meeting is the first step in a five-step process for approved streets to receive a traffic calming project.  Streets deemed eligible for a traffic calming project have been approved by City Council as part of the next project cycle.   A traffic calming project is not a mandate, but rather a choice offered to streets ranked the highest out of those deemed eligible based on the warrants outlined in the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program’s policy.  We strongly encourage you and all your neighbors to be active participants in this process.

At this time, we have no proposed designs for the streets currently eligible.

This Introductory Meeting serves as an informational meeting to:

  • Notify a neighborhood of its eligibility, giving a brief overview of traffic calming
  • Outline the process and next steps
  • Act as a forum for residents to ask questions as it relates to a potential traffic calming project

After this meeting period ends, you will be balloted to see if your street would like to continue exploring a traffic calming project and enter into the design portion of the process.

Everyone involved in this process either lives directly on the street or within a two-block radius of the street.  Due to your firsthand knowledge of the areas that most need our attention, we want to discuss the project design directly with you.  This Introductory Meeting is not a design meeting and we ask that you reserve any design comments until we enter the design portion of this process.  You will have two opportunities to give design comments and feedback as eligible streets continue to move through this process.

Although we have grouped all 20 eligible streets into one large Introductory Meeting, each street will go through the traffic calming project process individually and independently after this point.

Eligible Streets:

  • Country Trail: between Troutman Ln and Leesville Rd
  • Slippery Elm Drive: between Creech Rd and Maidenhair Dr
  • Hilburn Drive: between Lynn Rd and Mayapple Pl
  • Bertie Drive: between New Bern Ave and Chatham Ln
  • Prospect Avenue: between Hillsborough St and Wade Ave
  • Dixie Trail: between Hillsborough St and Wade Ave
  • Willow Oak Road – E: between N. New Hope Rd and Southall Rd
  • Common Oaks Drive: between Falls of Neuse Rd and Ponderosa Service Rd
  • White Oak Road – N: between Anderson Dr and Lassiter Mill Rd
  • Jacqueline Lane: between Capital Blvd and Berkshire Downs Dr
  • Mackinac Island Lane – N: between Marshlane Way and Barrington Dr
  • Anderson Drive: between White Oak Rd and Six Forks Rd
  • Wild Wood Forest Drive: between Wadford Dr and Thornton Rd
  • Mine Shaft Road: between Lead Mine Rd and Sawmill Rd
  • Sierra Drive – W: between Lineberry Rd and Lake Wheeler Rd
  • Cooper Road: between Poole Rd and Little John Rd
  • Thorpshire Drive: between Falls of Neuse Rd and Colesbury Dr
  • Quail Ridge Road: between Falls of Neuse Rd and Spring Forest Rd
  • Navaho Drive: between Quail Hollow Dr and Benson Dr
  • Dixon Drive: between North Hills Dr and W. Millbrook Rd

We want to hear from you!

Now is the time for you to ask questions and help us mobilize your neighborhood.  All 20 streets are eligible for a traffic calming project, but no projects are guaranteed at this point.  The ballot period to immediately follow the closing of this Introductory Meeting will determine if your street continues to move forward.  Please be an active participant in this process and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

The Introductory Meeting and comment portal will be live from: February 7 to March 4.

Please direct all questions and comments to staff using the PublicInput link listed below.

PublicInput Comment Form

We look forward to working with you and getting to know all of you a little better as we work together moving forward!



Will Shumaker
Traffic Calming Administrator

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